The T.J. Productions Comic Universe is a fictional comic universe created by User:The GTA Nerd, and is named after him (however, remaining anonymous, he will only use his initials on this wiki).

The universe contains all of GTA Nerd's comic and storybook series, which all take place in the same universe and continuity, albeit through different realities and dimensions. The first series to be a part of this fictional universe is M-O, WALL-E, EVE, and Chiquita, and as of 2018, the only series to still be running is Sibling Rivalries.

The most controversial and infamous franchise of all is The Brotherly Bond , which is a former project by GTA Nerd that would have also exist in this universe. However, it was cancelled and all of the comics in the franchise were officially said to be non-canon to this universe. Also, all characters from the franchise are non-existent in the actual continuity.

The timeline of the T.J. Productions Comic Universe stretches from 2005 to 2033.

Pioneer Storybook SeriesEdit


Cletus ComicsEdit

Sibling Rivalries FranchiseEdit

Main Article: Sibling Rivalries (franchise)

San Francisco TrilogyEdit

Cancelled The Brotherly Bond FranchiseEdit

(Note: The comics belonging to this franchise are non-canon.)

Notable Locations Seen In The T.J. Productions Comic UniverseEdit

Note: ♠ marks a location that is completely fictional to the universe.






  • The events of the Cletus Comics series begin in December this year and end in December 2015
  • The events of The Adventure Team series begin this year and end in 2011









  • The earliest date shown in The GTA Nerd Universe is 2005, which was the setting of a flashback in TSC.
  • At the moment, Cletus is the only non-human protagonist in the comic universe.
  • It is shown a few times in Cletus Comics that characters from GTA Nerd's earlier "book universe" (which was active from June 2009 to sometime in 2011), which included GTA Nerd's first two book series' "M-O, WALL-E, EVE, and Chiquita" and "The Adventure Team". None of the characters from these two series' will appear in any other works, however. 
  • WALL-E, EVE, and M-O exist in this universe, but it is unlikely that the movie WALL-E  has taken place yet, due to the movie being set in the far future.
  • Christopher Turner and Cletus are the first ever human and robot (respectively) to appear in the universe. Cletus also had the first robot lines, while Tristian A. Duran had the first human lines.
  • Sibling Rivalries is timeless, meaning that although every comic is set in the same time it was released at, and years still go by as normal, no characters ever age. However, Cletus Comics  is the opposite, with characters aging as time goes by. However, there are some instances where characters still remain doing what they were doing when the series first started, such as Tetch 60 already being an adult, but staying in high school for the rest of the series.
  • Every protagonist of this universe has met another protagonist of the same universe. This includes:
    • Cletus met Salvador Real in 2012
    • Jason Parker has met both Salvador Real and Packie McReary in 2012.
    • Packie and Salvador became friends in 2013, although both have previously crossed paths in 2011 and 2012, and both are mutual friends with Jason Parker.
    • Chris Turner meets and form a friendship with Carlos Garcia Ventura in 2016. He also meets Jason Parker as well in the same year.
    • Jason Parker briefly interacts with Carlos in 2016.
      • Cletus meeting Packie was not mentioned here due to the fact that their encounters were confirmed as non-canon.
      • So far, Jason Parker has met the most protagonists, with a total of four. The only protagonist he has never met so far is Cletus.