For the Cletus Comics characters, see Steve Barks and Cutecumber Barks.

Steve and Cutecumber were supporting characters in the cancelled The Brotherly Bond franchise. They are two talking dogs that were introduced in The Brotherly Bond: Prepare For The Flood!. While on a mission to stop Alaska from being flooded, the two brothers Junior and Azriel would run into these dogs along the way, and would befriend them. Despite being good companions, Steve and Cutecumber are quite dim-witted, and they would often get into fights with each other.

The two characters were named after Steve and Cutecumber Barks, two characters from Cletus Comics. However, GTA Nerd said himself that they are not the same characters, instead being alternate counterparts.

Following TBB's cancellation, Steve, Cutecumber, and all other characters have been confirmed as non-existent, and all of the events that occured in the franchise are non-canon to the GTA Nerd Comic Universe.


Steve and Cutecumber would have appeared in these comics.

The two characters never appeared in any of the completed The Brotherly Bond: The Brothers Return! comics, and they probably never would have appeared, as GTA Nerd had no plans to have the characters return in the spin-off series.

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