St. Christina's Psychiatric Hospital is a religiously affiliated psychiatric hospital in the small coastal city of Bullworth. It is closely affiliated with St. James' Catholic Church and is named in honour of Saint Christina the Astonishing, the patron saint of mental disorders and mental health workers. Before it was bought by the Catholic Church in 1995 it was known as Happy Volts Asylum but was swiftly given a new name. It operates as a community outreach and healthcare service staffed by highly qualified and compassionate mental health workers.

Located on the western edge of Glenview it is separated from nearby housing by deliberately planted woodland. The psychiatric hospital itself, and its satellite service buildings, is situated in the middle of landscaped gardens designed to relax its patients and staff. The hospital grounds also feature a small lake with rowing boats providing recreational activities for patients. Though it employs a security staff the hospital has stated that these personnel exist only for the protection of neighbours, staff and the patients themselves. Hospital Security Officers are not permitted to wield firearms due to the nature of their role and instead use tazers to incapacitate any troublemakers.

Service Vehicles Edit

Known Patients Edit

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