Spencer Shay The Dog in Sibling Rivalries

Spencer Shay The Dog is the new dog for the McReary Family, and a minor character in Sibling Rivalries.

In the beginning of Season 4, the McRearys go to the pet store to find a family pet. Packie sees the puppy in a cage, and chooses him. He tres thinking of a name, and Kate suggests naming him after Spencer Shay from iCarly. As Packie likes the show too, he goes on with Kate's idea and happly gives him the name "Spencer". Packie appears to be the owner of him, as he was the one to pick him out, and Spencer sleeps in Packie and Francis' room. Spencer although still shows love to the other members of the family, and even their friends (although he bit Salvador Real the first time he met him).

Spencer, after his first appearence, does not become part of the main cast; he is instead incorporated in the background, and occasionally appears from time to time.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series


Sibling Rivalries Main Series


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