Plz don't pay any attention to this.

"You see, we noticed a massive anamoly in the timelines, caused by none other than you. I could either kill you... or let you leave and go harm a different realm. I cannot do that"

"Your destructive and homicidal ways have made a bend in the universe that is beyond the point of all repair"

"In other words, because of you... everything will be reset"

"To get straight to the point, knowing everything you love and cherish will eventually all start over makes it kinda hard to give it my all, y'know?"

"Or is that just an excuse for doing bupkiss. Heck if I know."

"Apparently, you still think I'm a fuzzy pushover."

"Heh. You know, you've taught me a lot of things. I thought that my job as a time-space continuum keeper was dead-end. I though I'd never be forgiven for all the repulsive and hate-driven things I've done. I thought my life was set and I was a complete monster. All of this.... WAS BEFORE I MET THE REAL MONSTER..."

"I've been watching you. You've done far worse things than I ever imagined. Compared to you, I'm a saint."

"I know I can't beat you, so why am I trying? It's quite simple, actually"

"I need to try and get you to reconsider all your sins, and try to redeem yourself.... AND THEN FIND OUT YOU CANNOT."

"And do you know why I know my attempts are futile?"

"Well, all this brawlin', ya see, is really wearing me down...."

"I hope you sleep easy knowing that you've taken the lives of millions..."

"What? You think I'm going to stand there and take it like all the other innocent creatures you mercilessly slaughtered?"

"Apparently, you thought you were the good guy. Well, the white knight was on the other side the whole time. You're no better than a meat butcher..."

"I hope it hurt when you crawled out of hell..."

"Yeah, did you see what I just did? It's called "being merciful." Every heard of it? Didn't think so..."

"Another reason I'm practically giving up on you, is because, well, I'm not fighting you"

"You're still the same being, but you have given in to your own lusts and desires. Technically you're still you, but in the spiritual sense, "you" is long gone."

"Look, I gave up everything I held dear long ago. I know what's going to happen. Our lives are in the hands of higher beings who chose everything we do for us. Even the very speech I'm telling you right now is just another fictional cliche."

"No, no. I'm not like all those other villains who haunt your nightmares, or yell "this is the end of the line for you'!". Everybody's seen it a hundred times over."



"and to think I wanted to be your friend before all of this..."

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