The first season of Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter debuted on July 13, 2017, and concluded on September 8 of the same year. The events of this season span from August 8 to mid September 2016.

This season mainly focuses on Packie's first few adventures as a high school freshmen, along with Adrian Wilson and their new friends Aaron Velazco, Victor Clay, and Anthony DeoBer.

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Comic No. (season) Comic No. (total) Comic Title Release Date Length
1 46 "Welcome Freshmen" July 13, 2017 11 pages
2 47 "The Golden Boy July 23, 2017 13 pages
3 48 "Love At First Plight" August 4, 2017 18 pages
4 49 "The Homework Night Redirection" August 15, 2017 8 pages
5 50 "The Ballad of Isaiah Trevino" August 27, 2017 14 pages
6 51 "River Rock Rivalry" September 8, 2017 15 pages
7 52 "The Flash Drive Complication" September 29, 2017 18 pages
8 53 "Restraining The Beast" October 18, 2017 19 pages



The cover of Season 1 of the cancelled The Wolves series

  • This is the first SR season to be completely drawn with Pilot G-2 gel pens, which gives the comics a cleaner and more detailed look compared to the previous seasons which were drawn with various brands of generic pens.
  • Season 1 was originally only going to be six comics long, with "River Rock Rivalry being the Season 1 finale and Season 2 starting with "The Flash Drive Complication". However, the latter comic, as well as the next comic "Restraining The Beast" were taken from Season 2 and placed into this season instead. Season 2 now begins with "In Loving Memory of Aiden McReary".
  • The style of the cover (which is supposed to look like a yearbook) was taken exactly from that of the original Season 1 cover for The Wolves, which was a scrapped series by GTA Nerd that would have started in January 2017, but was scrapped due to the difficulty he had of bringing the series to life.
  • Even though Victor always comes before Anthony when GTA Nerd lists the characters, on the cover they are reversed, which is a mistake.
  • This is the first SR season that Angel Chacon is present for all comics, even though he usually appears in cameo appearances only.
  • The only major characters from Sibling Rivalries to not return in this season are David Saldivar, Armando Vasquez, and Braulio Guillen, though David's voice is "heard" in "The Flash Drive Complication". Pablo Torres made a brief cameo in "Love At First Plight" but his face was not shown in this season.
  • This is the third season after the original series's first and fourth seasons to have all of its comics released in only one year.