This is a page used by User: The GTA Nerd to plan out ideas for future Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter comics. Feel free to continue reading, but please do not touch. If you would like to suggest comic ideas, you may leave a comment.

Comic IdeasEdit

♦: Comic does not mainly focus on Packie.
♥: Comic focuses on a character and a love interest.
♣: Fight between two or more characters.

  • The Parker Recurrence: Jason Parker comes to visit Green Bay.
  • The McReary/Trevino Collision : Packie and Isaiah Trevino work together on a science fair project, but they have a fight when Isaiah does not do anything.
  • Home Coming: For the homecoming dance, the guys attempt to find a date (comic to be set in October, and could potentially be the Season 2 finale). ♥
  • What's Love Got To Do With It?: A girl develops a crush on Victor, who begins to affect his football life. ♦ ♥
  • Drop And Give Me Twenty: Victor's father, a former drill sergeant, becomes the football coach for the freshman football team, but he becomes a bit too hard on the players. ♦
  • Great Balls of Paint: The high school group and the McReary siblings compete in an exciting paintball tournament against Joel Gonzales and his cronies. ♣
  • Double Trouble: Everybody is affected when Packie and Francis get in their first ever fight. ♣
  • The Truancy Vexation: The guys ditch school to see a movie that their parents doesn't want them to see, though they run into a problem when Maureen and Hector are at the theater.
  • Gonzales Syndicate Stooges: The guys are roped into Joel Gonzales's plan to sell "candy" before and after school, getting in trouble with the staff.
  • Love Rectangle: The guys (minus Anthony) take a liking to Adrian's maternal cousin who comes to visit. Meanwhile, Anthony faces issues with his friend Jade when she gets a boyfriend. ♥ ♣
  • New and Improved Packie: Packie seeks to attain new interests when he sees playing video games all the time aren't healthy for him. He considers joining the gym with Francis.
  • Transfer Reactor: Derrick is given the chance to attend high school early due to his high intelligence, but he wonders if he should really do it.
  • Let It Rip: Packie is humiliated after having an accident at school, and as a result vows to never step foot out of the house again.
  • The Replacement Conjecture: After seeing that Packie is with his new high school friends all the time, Angel, Salvador, and all his new friends feel upset and think he has replaced them. They go looking for answers.
  • Battle For The Phones: The guys feud over petitions to keep and ban cell phone use in classrooms. ♣
  • Green Bay's True Party King: Aaron competes with the legendary San Salvador to see who can throw a better party. The other guys don't know whose side to choose. ♣
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: During a long bus ride to a football game at a far school, the freshman football team get in a bad fight (the cause of the fight is unknown yet). ♦ ♣
  • TBA: Packie is a bit uncomfortable when Francis's new girlfriend is Elizabeth Nichols, the same one that he had an awkward "date" with earlier in the series.
  • TBA: A while after becoming his friend, Packie helps Jederek Posey get together with a boy that he likes, who is Salvador Real's friend Armando Vasquez. ♥ (however this may be a subplot, and not entirely the focus of a comic).