This is a page used by User: The GTA Nerd to plan out ideas for future Sibling Rivalries: The Next Chapter comics. Feel free to continue reading, but please do not touch. If you would like to suggest comic ideas, you may leave a comment.

Comic IdeasEdit

  • Don't Feed The Trojans: The school bans food in classrooms, causing Packie and the gang to protest this.
  • The Parker Recurrence: Jason Parker comes to visit Green Bay.
  • Stop The Press: In his journalism class, Packie upsets his friends when he writes fake stories about them, although most of the students in the school find them entertaining.
  • Packie's Gym Daze: Packie finds a passion for working out when he and Francis join the local gym.
  • The McReary/Trevino Collision : Packie and Isaiah Trevino work together on a science fair project, but they have a fight when Isaiah does not do anything.
  • Fall Break-Up: During fall break, the guys go camping, but they have a dispute.
  • Prank Day: The boys have a prank day, and sure enough, chaos ensures.
  • Trouble In Paradise: The McReary siblings look for answers when their house has been robbed.
  • Scavenger Smarts: The McReary siblings and the high school gang goes on a scavenger hunt around town, hosted by Maureen and Hector. The hunt requires great strategy, and it will really bring out the competitive side of some of the characters.
  • Operation: Steve Madison 2.0: Steve Madison turns to Packie and the gang for help when he wants to quit being a troublemaker in school.
  • Homecoming: For the homecoming dance, the guys attempt to find a date (comic to be set in October, and could potentially be the Season 2 finale).
  • Trip Down Memory Lane: Packie and his AVID class travel to Wisconsin Elementary School to give a speech to the eighth graders.
  • Fools Rush In: Packie, Aaron, and Victor fight over a girl that they all have eyes for.
  • A McReary Family Vacation: The McReary siblings go on a road trip that ends up in disaster.
  • What's Love Got To Do With It?: A girl develops a crush on Victor, who begins to affect his football life.
  • Drop And Give Me Twenty: Victor's father, a former drill sergeant, becomes the football coach for the freshman football team, but he becomes a bit too hard on the players.
  • The Inversion Diversion: At the state fair, Victor tries to get the guys to face their fears by getting on a nauseating ride called The Inversion.
  • Salvador Vs. Salvador: The Salvadors finally clash in an attempt to see who can throw a better party.
  • TBA: Packie realizes he must make some drastic changes to how he spends his free time at home when he begins to slip behind in his classes due to not studying.

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