This was a page used by User: The GTA Nerd to write down possible ideas for future Sibling Rivalries comics, before the series ended.

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Comic IdeasEdit

  • "Two Lovebirds, One Angry Stone Brother": Packie makes Michelle Stone's older brother angry and must make things right or else he will try to end their relationship.
  • "Troy's Story": While spending the night at the McReary-Wilson Residence, Troy Wilson tells a story to the McReary siblings about a time when he supposedly discovered aliens.
  • "Sibling Rivalries (comic)": Joel Gonzales causes a fight between Packie and Francis, which worries the other three McReary siblings.
  • "Salvador Vs. Salvador": Salvador Martinez and Salvador Real compete with each other to see who can throw a better party.
  • "Lights! Camera! Packie?": After discovering that Michelle loves theater, Packie decides to take a drama class at school. However, he ends up being a bad actor and wants to quit, but he doesn't, knowing that Michelle probably would not be happy if he did.
  • "Gerry's Soccer Daze": After his team begins to start losing many football games, Gerry loses hope on the sport and decides that maybe it is time for him to move on and play something else. He chooses soccer and soon he becomes just as obsessed with it as he was with football. However, the other McReary siblings want the old Gerry back, so they try and help him regain his confidence in football.
  • "The Inversion Diversion": While at the carnival, Joel teases the McReary siblings and tells them that they probably would not handle going on the Inversion, (a large and scary ride), so the siblings try to go on the ride in an effort to prove Joel otherwise.