Schichtens, also known as Shifters, are individuals who gained the ancient powers from Scheinans and Deorcs. It is gained through Power Transferal and only truly unlocked when the user believed on themself, thus, unlocking whatever is their true self and gain a new ability that no one else would handle (or gain both in rare circumstances).

This special ability is only bestowed on the Main 12 members which Lathan entrusted to use it wisely.


The original Shifters are Scheinan and Deorc after being drived away from both of their realms - Heaven and Hell, respectively - after the War.

However, both races have their abilities retained and improved as they survive on the first In-Between world Cron. Both races developed their abilities and created subsets (see the list below). When both sides were almost eradicated by Dagger aided by eight of Lathan and Lance's younger siblings (all from their father's side), Lathan fled with the help of his siblings (Noel and Leah whom betrayed Dagger) and he was succesfully warped out of Cron.

Lathan met the Dark Beasts and trained with them, unlocking all shifting types one by one, including its subsets. Since he is a Scheinan-Deorc hybrid along with his twin brother Lance, he is able to transmit the powers to the other through Power Transferal. The twins, however, could only add or remove a subset from a Shifter when necessary.


The power itself can be considered as powerful as gods (yes more than demo--gods) but will always vulnerable because of their flesh and bone bodies. The power itself is fused with the user's soul, heart and mind, but never the inner voice. Sometimes, a power transfered to some users have shards of a soul and becomes an additional voice (or possibly a guidance) to assist them on how power works.

The souls do have different personalities since they came from the two ancient tribes from the past. Most of the power contained from Scheinans but there are instances that some are Deorcs. This will always lead to a conflict just like the old times.

Types of ShiftersEdit

Every individual Shifters who gained the power will automatically fall under certain categories listed below based on their capabilities and their aura.

Elemental TypeEdit

"Elemental Schichtens (or Shifters) have ability to control physical matters like rock, water, fire, air, electricity, and many other elements. Heck, even all of the elements. The elements also serves as the subsets of the aforementioned Shifter and will gain their title depends on how they use their respective powers." -Lathan, from the Prologue of the book

  • Spring Class - This class is associated with Spring season itself. The Shifters who gained this class is fairly rare, as few of them exercise inner peace and self-healing over time.
  • Summer Class - Out of the four, this class is quiet popular. This class ranges from controlled fire-bending to devasting explosions when the user went berserk. This class is only bestowed upon the ones who controls anger or the ones that are way too addicted with fire. (Also pun intended if ya want)
  • Autumn Class - Like Spring, Autumn Classes are rare, actually, fewer than Spring. These inviduals usually find themselves cool and calm in any situation which is really scarce these days.
  • Winter Class - A popular class just below Summer and these two are opposites.
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  • Two-way round Class -

Mechanical TypeEdit

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Transferal TypeEdit

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Soul TypeEdit

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All-Around TypeEdit

The one and only known user of this type is Lathan whom he taught and shared respective types to Main 12.  { to be added }

Rare BreedsEdit

"Rare Breeds", or Abnormals, are those Shifters who developed far more than two types and considered as Abnormals by the opposing groups and normal people/citizens. Lathan, however, doesn't consider them as Abnormals but he says the process is excruciating to attain your new ability and there's a high possibility that one could die from it because of too much energy in the body.

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Other TypesEdit

There are other different types of Shifters:

  • Artificial Shifters, also known as Arcies, are those who have any ability/abilities through a special serum.
    • Unlike the other Shifters, Arcies are the only type that cannot be reincarnated because the serum contains a highly dangerous substance that can eat your soul away as you use your "powers". In many cases, Arcies are often found dead on the spot as they release a large amount of energy from their bodies.
    • The Hunters are the best example of this type as they are the one who developed the serum to destroy the Shifters despite of sacrificing themselves for the sake of their leaders' goal.
  • Temporary Shifters, aka Stifs are those who temporarily gained an ability but was taken away by Lathan or Lance. This type can be also applied with Artificial ones.
    • Stifs can be also reincarnated eventhough their powers are gone though this rarely happens.
  • Reincarnated Shifters, aka Renaises, are the Twelves being reborn and still retaining their original abilities and unique marks from their original bodies. Their memories, however, needs to be "triggered" by another Twelve member or their past lovers and/or friends. In some cases, reincarnated Shifters have already found their memories without getting "triggered". This happens during early childhood to young adulthood.
    • I repeat, only the Twelves have the ability to be reincarnated, whether they like it or not. This also includes their offsprings, though it happens in a very rare circumstance.
    • They are still strong as their original selves but their aura detection is lessen due of their souls being trapped on a "more humanly" bodies.
      • Pure humans of the Twelves, if they are ever born in another body mixed with other blood besides humans', feels like they rarely get tired unlike their previous life/lives. However, the aura detection remains stagnant like the other Renaises.
  • Half-Shifters, also identified as Halfties, are usually offsprings and/or descendants of the Twelves.
    • Halfties are rarely reincarnated like their parents. They can be born normally or with their original powers if that happens. They may also retrieve their memories back or, worse, never get it back.
    • This is also applicable with the Renaises since they are not considered as "full" Shifters anymore according to the twin Dragov brothers.


  • All Twelves will gain a partial memory of a specific Scheinan or Deorc close to their personalities. In some instances, both.
    • This is not applicable to Halfties and Arcies, unless they are direct descendants from the Twelves (or an Arcied Twelfe).
  • "Rules" automatically spoken upon receiving the power:
    • They will be only invulnerable from a specific element but never from the others.
      • Some Shifters defied this and became stronger... or weaker depends on how they handle a critical attack from their opponent.
    • Mastery of one or two abilities is a must.
      • Abnormals can master all their abilities, if given enough time.
    • Lack of energy will weaken its host and too much energy will kill its host... unless they are able to endure the excrutiating pain.
    • Fusing is not required, however, it can be use in emergency cases.
      • If used in a wrong way, the Shifters who fused will have weaker aura that will cause them to be a good target of fever and other common sickness.
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  • All nicknames you can find on the other types section is named by the one and only Light Dragov.
  • The power is somehow inspired by the anime Accel World, the only difference is the user can unlock the power outside the game while Shifters can unlocked only in real life.
  • The shifters can use their forms in Building 10 (aka the Virtual Game Building) as an avatar where you can enter their physical form and their body automatically synced in with the virtual environment and play whatever games whenever they want. The time, however, is limited though.