This page is about Shido's relationships in the Date A Live series

Kotori ItsukaEdit

Shido's adoptive little sister. Shido and Kotori have a (seemingly) normal sibling relationship, as the two have been living under the household for a long time, and are very close despite not being related by blood. Shido deeply cares about Kotori (as an older brother) to the point that, he believed a fake promise made by Kotori, which is no matter what happens, even if there was a spacequake, she will wait for him at the family restaurant.

About five years prior to the present, Shido gave Kotori a pair of black ribbons as a birthday present. Knowing how much of a crybaby Kotori was, Shido wanted (in his own way) to help his sister grow emotionally, telling her that as long as she wears her black ribbons, she would become her "strong self".

Unfortunately, this would come to somewhat backfire on Shido, as whenever Kotori would wear her black ribbons, she would develop a strong, cynical-like personality, to go along with her position as the commander of <Ratatoskr>. Despite being put off by Kotori while in "Commander Mode", mainly due to her bossy attitude and her often questionable advice to him during matters concerning the Spirits, Shido still loves his little sister very much.

Tohka YatogamiEdit

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Origami TobiichiEdit

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Mana TakamiyaEdit

Shido's biological little sister.


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Kurumi TokisakiEdit

Kaguya YamaiEdit

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Yuzuru YamaiEdit

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Miku IzayoiEdit

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Nia HonjouEdit

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