"Every evil has a beginning."
―Movie tagline
Shadowkin: Origins is a 2013 supernatural horror motion picture produced by Vector Studios. It was produced as a prequel to the popular television series Shadowkin to tell the origin stories of several of the most prominent characters in the series. The movie was directed by the promising young director Lloyd Jamison using a script written by Shadowkin creator Jeremy Kierson.

It is the first installment in the Shadowkin film franchise. The film centers on the dark history of a very secretive community of vampires in Twelfth Century France. Its plot follows Richart Bellamy (Pierre Bonnay) an itinerant stone mason investigating the mysterious murder of his older brother. In pursuit of vengeance Richart stumbles into an underworld far darker than he could have ever imagined.




Shadowkin: Origins officially went into production on August 12th 2010. It began as an initial concept born from a creative partnership between Shadowkin creator Jeremy Kierson and rising star director Lloyd Jamison. The initial concept quickly grew into a script for a full-length motion picture written by Kierson and directed by Jamison. As creator of Shadowkin series Kierson served as creative adviser and associate director during the production of the film. It began production as an origin story and a prequel to Kierson's immensely popular television series. 

The original concept was based on an unfinished screenplay written by Kierson which was adapted to become a full-length movie. It was produced by Vector Studios with Lloyd Jamison as official director and Jeremy Kierson as associate director. Kierson retained the creative content and royalty rights to the film while Jamison received the technical accolades as director. Legally, the content of the film is exclusively owned under trademark by Jeremy Kierson who granted the exclusive rights to produce the film to Vector Studios. Kierson, Jamison and the studio itself agreed to share the profits made by the film in a pre-production contract. All three stood to make an enormous amount of money due to the immense hype behind the motion picture.  

It was produced in partnership with newly emerged special effects studio Prestige FX. Lloyd Jamison specifically chose a cast of up-and-coming actors in order to create a starring cast no one had seen before. After six months of intensive planning and production the film officially premiered on February 15th 2011 to the immense excitement of fans of the Shadowkin series. It received positive reviews from fans and critics alike becoming one of Vector Studios most successful motion pictures. It was later released on DVD and has since become available online via subscription streaming websites. 



Lloyd Jamison


Lloyd Jamison

Jeremy Kierson


Ludwig van Meltzen


Pierre Bonnay as Richart Bellamy

Bernard Travere as Antoine Bellamy

Cecile Jones as Amaline Satierre

Robert Thompson as Baron Gaston Baudin

Edouard Bellamont as Matthieu Dubois

David Eastmond as Amadeu Royer

Emily Davis as Matilda Duvale


Sebastian Robinson


Mary-Anne Wilson


Prestige FX


GoodTaste Catering


Vector Networks, Del Monte Office of Film and Broadcasting,

Film Society of San Andreas


Trivia Edit

  • Shadowkin: Origins was the film that launched Lloyd Jamison to fame as a director allowing him to leave his reputation as a amateur behind him. It also brought significant attention to Jeremy Keirson as a script writer significantly raising his profile in the film community. Both men gained a lot from the movie's success attracting numerous career opportunities and earning large sums of money.
  • Multiple references to an original vampire are made throughout the movie. Lord Duveaux refers to this vampiric patriarch as the first vampire to come into existence. The only fact known about the original vampire is that it was male as Lord Duveaux refers to him as "Our Father" when he turns Richart into a vampire. It is rumoured that the original vampire is still alive due to the fact that Duveaux maintains a respectful fear of him, a fear that he would not hold if the original was dead. Popular fan theories suggest that the original vampire is either Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, or Cain, the first murderer who killed his brother Abel.
  • Shadowkin: Origins was stated as the first in a series of movies based on the Shadowkin series suggesting that further movies may be in the works.