Schottler Elementary School is a school in Schottler, Broker, Liberty City. It is the main location in the game, and the place for the game's early missions. 


In the school, you can participate in classes, including reading, math, science, and social studies. Doing this increases Dimitri's skills and helps him do better on tests. After Excersize To the Extreme!, gym is available to do. In Grand Theft Friendshios: Salvador Real's Adventures, the activities are the same, but more difficult, as Salvador is in 7th Grade.


In GTF, you save the game by going to Dimitri's classroom and pushing the save button. However, the save point becomes quite risky to use after Farewell, Broker, but after School's Back In Session, you can use it once again.


  • There is no Schottler Elementary School in GTA IV.
  • There is an exploit to get back in the school after Farewell, Broker, although 7th Graders now surround the school. Just enter the alleyway in back of the school, jump over the wall of the school with the "Super Jump" cheat, and there you go! Watch out for any 7th Graders in the schoolyard. With this exploit you can still take classes and use the save point in Dimitri's classroom.
  • Logan Davis, Vice-President of the Devils Chosen MC Colinas chapter, is known to have been a student at the elementary school. Despite his neglectful parents, who only let him go to school in order to keep child protective services away, Logan proved himself to be a capable student.

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