School's Out is the first storyline mission in Grand Theft Friendships. It is immediantly started after watching or skipping the introductory cutscene.


Dimitri Rascalov and D'Angelo Magana are hanging out at recess, still talking about the joys of being popular. Dimitri, after a while, tells D'Angelo he's going to go see how the school changed, going for a walk.


The mission explains basic movement. You control Dimitri with the left joystick. To complete the mission, just simply go and explore the school. You have just 2 minutes. When they are up, go back to D'Angelo to start the next mission, The Lost and Found. Also, as you walk around, the game explains classes you can take to improve Dimitri's school skills.


  • School technically isn't "out", as it is just recess Dimitri and the class have.
  • It is not required to explore the entire school to win, as simply standing in place for 2 minutes will pass the game, and if you stay in the same place as you started at, "The Lost and Found" automatically starts because that's where D'Angelo's marker is.
  • You can continue exploring the school after the 2 minutes are up, because after the mission you can still freely explore and take classes. Gym is unlocked after Excersize to the Extreme!. However, you cannot leave the school until the next mission, unless it becomes 3:00, but the save point is still Dimitri's classroom.
  • School's Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

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