"Dimitri, we're going back home!"
―D'Angelo Magana

School's Back In Session is the final mission in Grand Theft Friendships given to protagonist Dimitri Rascalov by D'Angelo Magana.


Dimitri heads to D'Angelo's hideout in Alderney City and sees him packing up his stuff. He says he's ready to return to Broker after hiding in Alderney. He says he's not afraid if Salvador tries to scare them away again. Dimitri is confused, but then decides to go back home as well.


Head to Schottler back in Liberty City. Easy, right? Just beware of the 7th Graders, who are now walking around there. They'll try to attack you, so watch out. When you arrive at the house, the two enter Dimitri's house, thinking about the fun they had there. D'Angelo also says they missed out on school, and must return, just watch out for the 7th Graders.


You recieve $200, and you unlock The Last Task for Maria Rizo. Also, you can now safely enter Schottler Elementary School, take classes and use the save point there once again, as the amount of 7th Graders guarding the school are decreased. After this mission the game's final storyline mission strand begins, bringing everything back to Broker, where the game started.

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