"He [San Salvador] invited me to his party and said I could bring all my friends!"
―Angel Chacon

San Salvador's Story is the ninth comic in Season 1 of Sibling Rivalries, and is the 9th comic overall.


Angel Chacon invites the McReary siblings to a party at the popular "San" Salvador Martinez's house. However, when things turn sour after Joel Gonzales tries to crash the party, it is up to Packie and Francis to stop Joel and save the party.

Character AppearancesEdit

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appears in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only


  • At the party, the music is coming from San Salvador's phone connected to a portable speaker, with him saying it is too bad the sound system doesn't work anymore due to a "stupid guy" messing it up. In the TNC comic "The Ballad of Isaiah Trevino" in 2017, Tony reveals that before the McReary siblings came to the party, Isaiah Trevino (main antagonist of that series) was at the party, but was kicked out after destroying the sound system. Though Tony and San Salvador know who he is, San Salvador never said his name in this comic, obviously due to Isaiah not being created in the franchise yet.
  • At the end of the comic, the siblings are all woozy when they come back from San Salvador's party. After they fall to the floor, Ma asks them "Did you guys mistake the fruit punch for something else again?". They may have accidentally drank liquor.
    • It is unknown how they drank liquor, because being underage, San Salvador should not have that at his party. It is also mentioned later on that he does not drink and does not have any liquor at his parties. Also, GTA Nerd does not show any alcohol or drugs in his comics, with the exception of Turner's Second Chance and San Francisco Underground.
  • Joel was grounded in "Gonzales Vs. McReary", so it is unknown how he was able to appear in this comic (which is mostly set at San Salvador's house).
    • Also, it is strange that James Johnson did not appear with Joel.
  • Mark Sanders breaks up with Kate in this comic, but it is not shown, and their breakup was not mentioned until "Happy New Year!".


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