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The San Andreas Highway Patrol is a state level law enforcement agency featured in GTA V. As its name suggests the Highway Patrol is responsible policing all interstate highways and major roadways in the state. Its officers are able to arrest criminals, issue citations and speeding tickets, conduct roadside vehicle searches and carry out general policing. Highway Patrol officers hold the same authority as an urban police officer serving as "road cops". 

In addition to their standard traffic policing duties Highway Patrol officers will also provide support for other law enforcement agencies in the event a criminal enters their direct jurisdiction. SAHP officers will pursue the protagonist along with other law enforcement officers and will either attempt an arrest or will open fire depending on the current wanted level. They are sometimes seen operating roadside speed cameras and may be encountered assisting the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. If a crime takes place on the road, they will act on it.

Appearance in Episodes from San AndreasEdit

The San Andreas Highway Patrol makes an appearance in Episodes from San Andreas. This time, it appears in a greatly expanded capacity with a greater presence on roadways and highways. In addition to this SAHP officers now make use of additional modified vehicles including;

  • Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign (modified standard patrol bike)
  • Dinka Thrust (modified standard patrol bike)
  • Albany Primo (modified standard patrol car)
  • Bravado Buffalo (modified rapid pursuit interceptor]


  • According to their official purpose the Highway Patrol would also technically have jurisdiction over major urban roadways as well. However, they likely leave the policing of urban roads to local city police forces instead focusing on the interstate highways and other major non-urban routes.
  • Uniformed officers are encountered numerous times in Episodes from San Andreas: Brotherhood Reborn. During the course of the storyline they are seen patrolling and carrying out general traffic policing duties on a number of major roadways and interstate highways. 

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