San Andreas is a fictional state located on the west coast of the United States of America. San Andreas is based on California, and is also nicknamed "The Golden State". This is User:The GTA Nerd's fan-created version of the state, which lacks Blaine County that was featured in the Grand Theft Auto V rendition of the state, and is instead closer to the San Andreas featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

This fan-created version of San Andreas would be almost the size of the playable map in GTA V, if not slightly bigger. At the moment, it is unknown where this state would be featured in.

San Andreas takes inspirations from southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.


San Andreas is made up of three major islands that are connected together by bridges. There is a total of six major cities, with other smaller town (yet to be named or identified) in other areas around the state. Each island is considered a different "county", with every city in the island being part of the county.

Maricopa County is the island in the bottom right. This island is based on Arizona, and is made up of two major cities. The northern city is Phoenix, a populous city, and the second largest in the state. This is named after the real-life capital of Arizona, which is Phoenix. The southern city is Goodyear, a large, old-fashioned city that is still quite populated. It is based off of the towns of Avondale and Goodyear in the middle of Arizona. Maricopa county is mostly deserted.

Turner County is the island located to the bottom right of the state. This is the largest island, and is made up of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles, California) to the south and San Fierro (based on San Francisco, California) to the north. Los Santos in this variation of the city is basically a carbon copy of the Los Santos in GTA V, while San Fierro is assumed to look identical to the San Fierro from GTA San Andreas. Turner County is mostly forested and made up of beaches along the west (with two based off of Santa Monica and San Diego).

Tierra Robada is the island located to the northermost island in the state. This is the smallest island, and is made up of Oakland to the west and Los Venturas to the southeast. Oakland is named after Oakland, California, and looks similar to the town as well (though geographically inaccurate); it is also a larger version of the Bayside town featured in GTA San Andreas. Las Venturas is based on Las Vegas, Nevada, and, like San Fierro, is assumed to look similar to the Las Venturas in GTA San Andreas. Tierra Robada is mostly forested around Oakland, and turns into a desert around Las Venturas. Mount Chiliad is also located on this island, north of Las Venturas.

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