Salvador and Eduardo is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Salvador, given to protagonist Salvador Real Arrayga by Eduardo Tena.

Opening CutsceneEdit

The game starts with a shot of the Funland carnival in Hove Beach, Broker. Salvador (wearing all black and even a mask) walks into an empty ticket booth and picks up a suitcase full of money. He says "Jackpot" before many LCPD and NOOSE officers arrive. He then shoots at them with a Carbine Rifle. He yells "Sh*t!", then fires a Rocket Launcher at all the cops. The screen turns black after the huge explosion, ten the game logo appears. The game's theme song ("I'm The King" by Da 5'9", which is featured on Game Radio in Grand Theft Auto III) starts playing. A Stretch drops Salvador (now without the mask on) off at a house in Dukes. He goes in, and sees Eduardo.

  • Eduardo: Did you get it?
  • Salvador: Yep. All of it.

(gives Eduardo the suitcase)

  • Eduardo: D*mn! All that money?
  • Salvador: Yep. A whole f*cking case of it!
  • Eduardo: Good. I knew you're good for jobs like this. Say, here's another job. Follow me.

(The two walk out the door)


  • Eduardo: Here's a fare. Take me to Hove Beach.
  • Salvador: Sh*t. I gotta go BACK there?

A Hexer spawns outside Eduardo's house. Get on it with Eduardo. When they get there, Eduardo gets off.

  • Eduardo: You want another suitcase of money. Look right there.

A suitcase is seen by a Cavalcade, which is guarded by the Russain mafia.

  • Eduardo: Take this. It'll help when those b*tches attack.
  • Salvador: Man, this isn't as fun as the first suitcase!

Sneak to the Cavalcade when the mafia look away. Salvador sneaks the case away, and no one sees.

  • Salvador: Wow. F*cking easy.
  • Eduardo: Good job! Hurry. Let's go home before they DO see us!

Drive the Hexer fast to Eduardo's house. Once again, Eduardo gets off first.

  • Eduardo: I love you, man! You do jobs without complaining, unlike my former best friend.
  • Salvador: I love you, too, man. You know, we're like brothers.
  • Eduardo: Exactly! The brothers who are gonna own the city! Today: Liberty City, Tommorow: The f*cking universe!
  • Salvador (chuckles): Yeah, let's start with Broker for now, ok? See you soon.


After completing the mission, you get $300 (which is a lot for the first mission!), and Eduardo's next mission, Love on the Run is unlocked.