Salvador Real's Gang (Unofficial name)
Year Formed
Type of group
Eduardo Tena
Pablo Torres
David Saldivar
Armando Vasquez (as of 2015)
Braulio Guillen (as of 2015)
Steve Barks (2012 only)
Cutecumber Barks (2012 only)
Joshua Jackson (2012 only, then became a main member again in 2016)
Eric Serrato (2012 only, then became a main member again in 2016)
Current Residence
Green Bay, Wisconsin, Green Bay
Circuit Board Island (Steve and Cutecumber only)
First Appearence
See individual character pages for their first appearance in Sibling Rivalries

Salvador Real's gang is Salvador Real and his group of friends that appear in the Sibling Rivalries franchise. They are the main protagonist gang in Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures, and the deturagonist gang in the main Sibling Rivalries series.

The gang does not appear in Season 1 at all, but members of the gang begin to appear starting with Season 2. Season 2 marks the first appearance of Salvador, Eduardo, Claude, Pablo, and to a lesser extent, Josh and Eric.

Being a short season, Season 3 does not feature much new members, with David Saldivar being the only member to make their first appearance.

Season 4 of the series began to show the entire gang together, with almost every comic featuring Salvador and his friends. This season also brung back Armando Vasquez and Braulio Guillen (the main antagonists of Sibling Rivalries: Salvador Real's Adventures). They were changed from villains to good characters, and started to appear along with the old members of Salvador's gang. These two are the last new members of the gang.

Every member of the gang appeared in every comic of Season 5, with the exception of Salvador Real and David Saldivar, who were both absent in "A Christmas Story". All characters were absent in "Uncle Cameron Moves In". Starting with "The Lockdown", J.J. and John began to make more appearances with the gang.

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