Rudy Rabbit is a preschool animated television series featured on Spree Jr.. The show focuses on Rudy, an anthropomorphic male rabbit, as well as his friends and family. Each of Rudy's friends is a different species of woodland animal with each friend being the same age as he is. Each episode is roughly six minutes long focusing on a specific moral lesson or safety subject. Episodes are known to feature everyday childhood activities such as going to the playground, swimming at the pool or visiting a family member.

The show's characters wear clothes and speak English but otherwise live in the dens of the animals they are based on - Rudy and his family live in a warren, Rudy's squirrel friend Sammy lives in a hollow in a tree and his mole friend Matty lives in a hole in the ground. The characters show many human characteristics such as using facial expressions to show emotion, blushing when embarrassed and walking upright. Rudy Rabbit teaches children moral lessons and safety tips such as always wearing a bicycle helmet, not talking to strangers, looking both ways when crossing the road, that stealing is bad and the importance of empathy.

Rudy's family is made up of his four year old sister Susie, his mother Mummy Rabbit, and his father Daddy Rabbit. Other characters include Simon's mother Mrs. Squirrel, his father Mr. Squirrel, his new baby brother Baby Squirrel, Matty's mother Mrs. Mole and his father Mr. Mole. In addition to its main focus Rudy Rabbit also teaches children the importance of listening to their parents, looking after their younger siblings and doing their chores.

Characters Edit

The Rabbit Family Edit

  • Mr. Rabbit
  • Mrs. Rabbit
  • Rudy Rabbit
  • Susie Rabbit

The Squirrel Family Edit

  • Mr. Squirrel
  • Mrs. Squirrel
  • Sammy Squirrel
  • Baby Squirrel

The Mole Family Edit

  • Mr. Mole
  • Mrs. Mole
  • Matty Mole
  • Marc Mole
  • Molly Mole

The Hedgehog Family Edit

  • Mr. Hedgehog
  • Mrs. Hedgehog
  • Harry Hedgehog
  • Lucy Hedgehog

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