Rose Parker in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories

Rose "Rosie" Parker is a supporting character in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories. She is the two year-old sister (though being mistakenly called three years old in the photo above) of protagonist Jason Parker, but strangely, Jason did not interact with her at all during the events of the comic.

Rose did not appear in Sibling Rivalries: The Introduction, although in the second to last scene when Sara and Leonard Parker drive Jason and his best friend Drake Romero to a football game, she obviously had to be present in the car with all of them.


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  • She is the only sibling of a SR protagonist (in this case, Jason Parker) that is not one of the McReary siblings.
  • For a while, Rose Parker was the youngest character in the SR franchise, until Aiden Wilson was born in 2015.