Rose Parker in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories

Rose "Rosie" Parker is a supporting character in Sibling Rivalries: Vancouver Stories. She is the two year-old sister of protagonist Jason Parker, but strangely, Jason did not interact with her at all during the events of the comic.

Rose did not appear in Sibling Rivalries: The Introduction, although in the second to last scene when Sara and Leonard Parker drive Jason and his best friend Drake Romero to a football game, she obviously had to be present in the car with all of them.


Sibling Rivalries Pre-Series
Sibling Rivalries Main Series



  • She is the only sibling of a SR protagonist (in this case, Jason Parker) that is not one of the McReary siblings.
  • For a while, Rose Parker was the youngest character in the SR franchise, until Aiden Wilson was born in 2015.

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