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Summary: It's never be okay. It never does because no matter how much you love them, it still hurts seeing yourself hurting them. And, as a revenge, those arrows and knives meant for them are now buried upon your flesh and bones.

Chapter 1Edit

It writhes and swirls around the soul, its purity losing bit by bit. Its sting perforate the heart and lets the feelings anchor on it, dangling above the endless pit. Somewhere, it just feels empty... it's something that's untouchable yet the most vulnerable part of every person. The tide rises and flows against it and will be gone suddenly, just like a void that has no value and a purpose. It always get back on that while Pain and Love work things out, producing and unveiling consequences for it.

Beneath all of this, the soul itself had scars from its past struggles and metaphorical weapons still lacerate through it. That's one's own weapons, the one that will always tries to harm themself rather hurting others but... no matter how hard they try, those feelings dangled under the heart still resonates and begins to take control as the initiative backs away, letting the shadows take the full control. Shadows fades soon eventually and leaves repairable to devasting damage, the worst one being the gap between the beings. The heart grieves on the damage it grazed upon the soul, its body and the person, its cries are never heard as itself never found its missing voice. It turns swords and arrows as weapon to hurt itself, to hurt the person who wants to themself.

But no matter how hard they try and no matter how much blood is spilled and gushed through their veins, regrets still ghosting over and laugh as they triumphed.

Chapter 2Edit

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