"That's it! I can't stand your geekiness! I'm sleeping somewhere else for the night!"
―Kate to Derrick McReary

Roommates is the second comic in Season 2 of Sibling Rivalries, and is the 12th comic overall.


Kate is tired of putting up with Derrick‘s geekiness at night, so she bunks in with Packie and Francis. However, fearing that having Kate be in their room forever may not be such a good idea, Packie, Francis, and Derrick try to come up with a plan to get Kate back with Derrick.

Character AppearancesEdit

♥ = character's debut
♠ = character does not speak throughout comic
♣ = character is mentioned only
♦ = character appears in a speaking/non-speaking cameo only

McReary FamilyEdit

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  • This is by far, the only comic in the franchise that has a one-word title.
  • This is the first comic to have Salvador Real as a main cast member.
  • Gerry appears only in a cameo in this comic, asleep and dreaming about Drew Brees. This makes this comic the first one to only have Gerry make a cameo appearance, the other one being The Ballad of Anti-Cutecumber.
  • This is the second comic that takes place from the point of view of someone other than Packie for the majority of the comic, once again focusing on Kate instead. ("The Curse of the Milderbeast")
  • In this comic, Salvador Real seems to have a crush on Kate, although Kate's in 2nd Grade and he's in 7th Grade. Also, when they do become a couple, Salvador is not very thrilled about it.
  • Salvador calls Packie his best friend in the comic, although his first best friend is obviously Eduardo Tena. However, this is a retcon, because Eduardo and Claude were not created yet. 
  • This comic ties with the previous comic for being the comics with the second least amount of characters, with "Hello, Wisconsin!" being in first.
  • This is one of GTA Nerd's least favorite comics of the franchise. In fact, he did not really enjoy Season 2, calling it the "lowest point" of the series.
  • This is the first comic in the series that Salvador wears his trademark striped v-neck shirt, since in "The McRearys' Halloween Special!", he was instead wearing a black shirt.
  • The majority of the dialogue in the comic had to be edited shortly after the comic was completed, as the comic continuously mentioned Kate "sleeping" with Derick, and the characters tried to get her to "sleep" with Derrick again. Later, the words "sleep" were replaced with terms such as "sharing a room" so the dialogues could not be mistaken for something sexual.