Rollin' Nines Records
Type: Record label
Appearance(s): GTA Expanded Universe
Locations: Bohan, Liberty City
"Rollin' Nines Records is an up-and-coming gangster rap label with more ambition than the new kid on the block. Managed by retired rapper BG Kenni it seeks to recruit the freshest talent on the East Coast. "
―Hustlaz rap magazine blurb
Rollin' Nines Records, also known simply as Rollin' Nines, is a gangster rap record label introduced in the GTA Expanded Universe. Founded by retired rapper BG Kenni in 2009 it is based in Liberty City and is known to exclusively favour East Coast rappers. This exclusiveness is explained as a means of supporting East Coast rap and up-and-coming rappers.

Description Edit

Based in a modern recording studio and office building in Bohan, Rollin' Nines Records was founded by famous East Coast rapper BG Kenni in 2009. BG Kenni founded the record label after noticing the absence of a serious gangster rap record label in Liberty City. The label offers potential opportunities to aspiring rappers in Liberty City and Alderney City as well as further afield. As a founding principle it only accepts East Coast rappers in an effort at supporting the continued development of East Coast rap.

BG Kenni serves as the record label's producer and manager using talent scouts to seek out rappers to sign. However, Rollin' Nines Records only considers dedicated rappers who show potential. It asks that any aspiring rapper hoping to be signed to the label prove his or her talent in a performance for BG Kenni and that they be dedicated to the rap game. In BG Kenni's own words "We ain't got time for half-assed pretenders and bustas".

Artists Edit

As a new record label Rollin' Nines Records does not yet have many artists signed to it. However, it is constantly on the hunt for new talent making it a target of immense opportunity for aspiring rappers. It signed Charles Bradley, better known as Pathos, in 2009 as its very first artist.

Current artists signed to Rollin' Nines Records include;

Albums Edit

Despite being a relatively new record label Rollin' Nines Records has released several albums. It has worked closely with its artists since its formation to publish their gangster rap albums.

Trivia Edit

  • Rollin' Nines Records is known to recruit its artists from amateur rap communities. This is done to bring fresh new talent into the rap industry and to give aspiring rappers a chance.

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