Rocco in The Ballad of Gay Tony


Rocco in 2013

Rocco Pelosi is the secondary antagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony, and a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. Rocco dislikes Gay Tony, calling him a fag. He dislikes Luis Fernando Lopez, especially when he killed Rocco's uncle.


  • He is one of two antagonists in the GTA IV era who is not killed, the other one being Darko Brevic (Only if he is spared). This is true until GTA V, where he was killed by Michael De Santa.
  • Rocco was a low ranking member of the Ancelotti Family serving as a street soldier and goon. However, he likely earned the contempt of the family when he abandoned them to flee to Los Santos. He is refered to by Marco Ancelotti in the GTA Expanded Universe who calls him a "good for nothing mook" and a "half-wit street thug".