Riley Wilkins
Appearance(s): Paleto Ranger
Full name: Riley Wilkins
Also known as: Mr. Wilkins
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1979 (aged 34)
Place of birth: Paleto Bay, San Andreas
Home: Paleto Bay, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Main Affiliation: Ray Harris
Weapons: Hunting rifle
Semi-automatic pistol
Vehicle(s): Dark blue Vapid Sadler
"It's my constitutional right to be able to own a gun. I ain't gonna let some government drone take my rights away. No siree!"
―Riley protesting the confiscation of his rifle
Riley Wilkins, also known as Lee, is a character in the GTA Expanded Universe. He appears as a supporting character in Paleto Ranger, as a resident of Paleto Bay and a casual acquaintance of Ray Harris.

Background Edit

Riley was born in 1979. He grew up in the small coastal town of Paleto Bay as the only child of a logger father and a waitress mother. As a small boy he soon earned a reputation as a troublemaker often finding himself on the receiving end of his father's strict discipline.

His parents could not afford to send him to a public school and he was instead home schooled by his hardworking mother. As a teenager, Riley took a job at the local mill alongside his father in an attempt at helping his family make ends meet. However, his father took this as a suggestion that he could not provide for his family and Riley began suffering harsh verbal abuse. When his father tried to physically abuse him Riley fought back and after a tense stand off eventually brought his father to his senses. In 2002, Riley's father was killed in an accident at the mill and the twenty three year old Riley took extra shifts to support his mother.

Riley is immensely proud of his hometown to the extent that he passionately defends it against any insult. He is a highly enthusiastic amateur hunter who is widely regarded as a bumbling but likable hillbilly by most of his fellow townsfolk. A casual acquaintance of Ray Harris he has attempted several times to exploit his budding friendship with the local ranger to gain hunting benefits. He is a committed Republican and a firm believer in the right to own firearms. Riley very vocally voices his support of "All American" values and the critical importance of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. By all standards he is a quintessential "hillbilly" with attitudes such as a distrust of the government, a strong belief in the importance of protecting the freedoms of Americans and a rejection of gun control.

Appearances Edit

Stories from San Andreas Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Riley is a reference to the stereotypical good-natured hillbillies depicted in countless movies and television shows. He is a bumbling and genuinely friendly young man with simple pleasures who has a rather unfortunate habit of getting himself into trouble.
  • He is known to speak with the Southern drawl often heard in the southern states of America. As a matter of habit he frequently uses stereotypical hillbilly phrases like "that's about as useful as a trap door on a canoe" and "can't hurt none". Riley is unaware that these comments are deemed slightly unusual by non-hillbillies and instead thinks other people talk "fancy like".
  • At several points in the storyline Riley is shown to be somewhat naive in regards to his actions. For example, he fails to recognize when a visiting trucker from Los Santos is attempting to scam him out a sizeable amount of money. Ray intervenes before Riley can give the trucker access to his bank card by intimidating the scammer.

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