Richard Whyte
Vital statistics
Occupation Actor
Nationality Canadian
Age 25
Status Alive
Place of birth: Maple, Canada
Hometown Los Santos, San Andreas

Richard Whyte is a resident of Los Santos and an amateur actor determined to make a name for himself in the fast paced world of acting. Richard was born in the small town of Maple in northern Canada where he spent his boyhood years helping his father at the local sawmill and playing hockey on a frozen lake on the edge of town.

He developed an enjoyment of movies at a young age and dreamed of one day becoming a famous actor. In his early teens his family moved to the United States settling in Ludendorff in the state of North Yankton. The young Richard was violently bullied for being Canadian and learned to disguise his accent to escape his tormentors.

He turned to sports and athletics in order to reinvent himself after being bullied for so long. During his years at Ludendorff High School he played as a linebacker for the Ludendorff High Wolverines - the small town high school's football team. Being a member of the football team earned him the popularity he had longed for and he came to love the later years of his high school education.

He earned a sports scholarship which allowed him to attend the University of New Langdon at its main campus in Bullworth. His time at university allowed him to full explore his love of acting and he went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in theater. In 2010, fresh out of university, he signed up for acting classes with a professional acting coach to hone the skills he had learnt in his studies in order to make a start as an actor. He got his first break when he was hired to play the character Samuel Cooke in the sit-com Hazy Days - a role that he believes will launch his acting career.

Career Edit

Richard plays the character Samuel Cooke in Hazy Days. Samuel is a former college sports star and fitness fanatic who, without the knowledge of his friends, is hiding the fact that he is actually Canadian due to abusive remarks the group made about Canadians while high. He is secretly desperate to keep his friends and hides his nationality because he does not want to risk losing them. He joined in with the group's recreational drug use out of a desire to "fit in" and his entire fitness fanatic persona is an attempt to impress them.

He won the admiration of his female fans in the episode "Ode to Sasha" in which Samuel begins a deeply romantic relationship with the group's only female member - Sasha. The pair begin a whirlwind romance, which unintentionally causes conflict between Samuel and Glenn, until the episode "Sasha Goes To Liberty" which sees the romance come to an abrupt end when Sasha announces she needs some time away - and immediately leaves for Liberty City. Though she later returns in the episode "You Can't Blame A Man For Trying", in which Glenn unsuccessful makes a move on her, she expresses a desire to remain friends.

Filmography Edit

  1. Hazy Days (2012) - "Samuel Cooke"

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