Huan Liao
Huan in 2277
Vital statistics
Occupation Submarine crewman
Nationality Commonwealth Wastelander
Age 19
Status Alive
Place of birth: Little Lamplight
Hometown Yangtze-31
"I left the Capital Wasteland to find out who I was. Captain Zao found me wandering the coast of the Commonwealth and took me in. He gave me a home and a purpose. I owe him my life."
―Huan Liao
Huan Liao is a Chinese-American crewman living aboard the Yangtze-31 in 2287. He serves loyally aboard the old nuclear submarine under the direct command of Captain Zao.

Background Edit

Childhood Edit

Huan was born in 2268. He grew up as an eager member of the scavenging team serving Little Lamplight and quickly became a prominent member of the community. At a young age he earned the nickname "Zip" as a result of the hyperactivity caused by his borderline addictive enjoyment of Nuka-Cola.

He had a happy childhood in Little Lamplight under the care of the older children. The young Huan proved his value to the community by becoming a highly talented scout and scavenger. At a very young age he showed himself to be an intelligent, friendly and highly capable person. He was forcibly exiled from LIttle Lamplight in 2284 following the traditional custom.

Racial Identity Edit

As a small child Huan never saw himself as being any different to his fellow Lamplighters. He grew up never knowing of his Chinese ancestry and never questioned why he looked different to the others. It was just what he'd always looked like. It wasn't until he entered his teenage years that he did begin to make the connections rapidly falling into an identity crisis.

The discovery of his heritage and identity didn't come until he was forced to leave Little Lamplight. He met the ghoulified ex-Chinese soldier Jiang Liao who soon became a father figure.

Adult Life Edit

Wasteland Wanderer Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Huan, and the image used to represent him, remains the sole property of Bethesda Game Studios. This article exists solely as a work of fan-fiction intended to continue the story of the character after the events of Fallout 3.
  • Huan frequently lapses into Mandarin when talking such as when he refers to Huntress Island as "Nǚ lièrén dǎo" using the Mandarin version of the name instead of the English one.

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