Richard in 2277

Richard Liao is a Chinese-American resident of Arefu in 2287. He was born in 2268 and grew up in Little Lamplight with the nickname "Zip" as a prominent member of the scavenging team. He earned his nickname as a result of his addictive enjoyment of Nuka-Cola which gave him a hyperactive nature.

At a very young age Richard learned that he wasn't the same as his fellow Little Lamplighters, due to his Chinese ancestry, and he began questioning his identity in his his early teens. Following the traditional custom, Richard was forcibly expelled from Little Lamplight in 2284 and reluctantly set off into the wasteland to discover who he was. He took a supply of Nuka-Cola with him and left without a word.

Adult Life Edit

Richard wandered the wasteland for years in a haze of confusion over his identity. His addiction drove him to scavenge among the ruins of the Nuka-Cola factory plant. After territorial Nukalurks forced him to flee he traveled to Megaton, Rivet City and Canterbury Commons eventually stopping in the village of Arefu. He earned a living as a guardsmen for the tiny hamlet keeping watch for marauding raiders and Talon Company mercenaries. While on duty as a guardsmen Richard continued to feed his Nuka-Cola addiction by buying occasional bottles from traveling traders and caravans. He was on guard the night the Talon Company strike team attacked and was nearly killed during the firefight.


Trivia Edit

  • Richard, and the image used to represent him, remains the sole property of Bethesda Game Studios. This article exists solely as a work of fan-fiction intended to continue the story of the character after the events of Fallout 3.

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