Richard in 2277

Richard Liao is a Chinese-American resident of Arefu in 2287. He was born in Little Lamplight in 2268 and grew up to serve on the scavenging team. He earned the nickname "Zip" due to his borderline addictive enjoyment of Nuka-Cola which gave him a hyperactive nature.

Despite his Chinese ancestry and physically different features he never knew that he was any different to his fellow Lamplighters. In the traditional Little Lamplight custom, Richard was expelled from Little Lamplight in 2284 at which point he reluctantly set off into the wasteland. It wasn't until he began his life as a wasteland wanderer that he became aware of his Chinese ancestry as the result of bullying by other wastelanders.

Adult Life Edit

Richard argued with his fellow Lamplighters about the morals of banishing unprepared youth out into an unforgiving and hostile wasteland. He bitterly protested against the traditional practice and attempted to resist his own expulsion in his sixteenth year. However, despite his protests Richard was forced to leave Little Lamplight on his sixteenth birthday. A bitter-hearted Richard reluctantly set off into the wastes with a grudge against the underground child-run community he'd once called home. It would be years before Richard was finally able to forgive Little Lamplight for turning on him.

Soon after leaving Little Lamplight a disillusioned Richard encountered Jiang Liao, a Chinese ghoul who had once been the commanding officer of a Chinese Army infiltration team before the Great War, who became his adoptive father. Under Jiang's tutelage the impressionable Richard came to understand his Chinese ancestry and learned the Chinese language. The pair developed a close familial band with the kindly Jiang, who had become disillusioned with the entire Great War after the bombs dropped, leaving his officer's sword to Richard as a family heirloom.


Trivia Edit

  • Richard, and the image used to represent him, remains the sole property of Bethesda Game Studios. This article exists solely as a work of fan-fiction intended to continue the story of the character after the events of Fallout 3.

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