Redeemer CD Cover
Released 22 May 2010
Recorded 18 April 2010
Length 120:43
Label Cornerstone Music
Producer Redeemed, Cornerstone Music

Redeemer is a special extended album by Redeemed. It was produced to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the band, It is the fifth studio album and overall ninth album released by the band since its formation in 2002. Rather than celebrating themselves the band instead decided to compile a extended album focused on honouring and praising Jesus.

Produced by Cornerstone Music the album focuses solely on praising Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It is Redeemed's longest album with a total length of over two hours. It also features a DVD containing a bonus song and a sermon by youth pastor Thomas Clarke.

It's album art also differs from the usual designs used by the band featuring an artist's rendition of Jesus on both the back and front covers. This design was deliberately chosen to set it apart from the band's other albums.

Track List Edit

Redeemer - Disc 1 Edit

  • Track 1 - "Redeemer"
  • Track 2 - "Light Of The World"
  • Track 3 - "All For You"
  • Track 4 - "Prince Of Peace"
  • Track 5 - "My Savior"
  • Track 6 - "This Love"
  • Track 7 - "Lamb of God"
  • Track 8 - "Calvary"
  • Track 9 - "The Way"
  • Track 10 - "In Him"
  • Track 11 - "Blessed One"
  • Track 12 - "Lay It All Down"
  • Track 13 - "Blessed Lamb"
  • Track 14 - "You Are"
  • Track 15 - "King of Kings"
  • Track 16 - "Nazarene"
  • Track 17 - "Righteous Son"

DVD - Disc 2 Edit

  • Bonus Song - "Walking With Jesus"
  • "Strength Through Christ - Thomas Clarke"

Trivia Edit

  • Redeemer is listed as Redeemed's most successful albums of all time. It won a Nazareth Platinum Award and a Nazareth Gold Award at the 2011 Los Santos Christian Music Awards, a Calvary Award for Worship Album of the Decade, a Nazareth Platinum Award for Worship Album of the Year at the 2010 San Andreas Christian Music Awards and reached No. 1 on the San Andreas Christian Music Charts in 2011.
  • It is listed as the album that brought Redeemed to international attention. The album extended the band's fanbase beyond the United States securing it a place on the international Christian music charts.