Released 2010
Recorded 2009-2010
Length 75:32
Label Hope Lives Worship
Producer Redeemed, Hope Lives Worship

Redeemer was the first studio album and overall third album by Redeemed. It was released by Hope Lives Worship in mid 2010 and includes a DVD containing a bonus song and a sermon by youth pastor Thomas Clarke.

It was produced as a creative collaboration between the band members with each member contributing to the album. It was recorded at the Hope Lives studio in Los Santos and focuses exclusively on praising Jesus Christ as God.

Track List Edit

Redeemer - Disc 1 Edit

  • Track 1 - "Redeemer"
  • Track 2 - "Light Of The World"
  • Track 3 - "All For You"
  • Track 4 - "Prince Of Peace"
  • Track 5 - "My Savior"
  • Track 6 - "This Love"
  • Track 7 - "Lamb of God"
  • Track 8 - "Calvary"
  • Track 9 - "The Way"
  • Track 10 - "In Him"
  • Track 11 - "Blessed One"
  • Track 12 - "Lay It All Down"

DVD - Disc 2 Edit

  • Bonus Song - "Walking With Jesus"
  • "Strength Through Christ - Thomas Clarke"

Trivia Edit

  • The album received several accolades at the Los Santos Christian Music Awards. It was listed as one one of the most uplifting and original worship music compilations to emerge in recent months.

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