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Official logo since 2002
Background information
Also known as Ignite Worship (1996-2002)
Origin San Fierro, San Andreas
Genres Contemporary Christian music
Worship music
Christian rock
Years active 2002-Present
Labels Cornerstone Music
Associated acts Cornerstone Worship
Current members Thomas Clarke
Emilia Garcia
Michael Wright
Samantha Morgan
David Evans
Michelle Evans
Paul Cooper
Past members Jebediah Coleman
Louisa Campbell
"Redeemed carries a powerful anointing. It is one of the most promising contemporary worship bands to emerge in recent years. The band has an impressive musical talent and an unfailing devotion to God."
―True Life magazine review

Redeemed is a worship band that originated as a part of Cornerstone Church. It was formed in 1996 as a central part of Cornerstone's youth ministry.The band's vocalists are Thomas Clarke, Michael Wright and Emilia Garcia in a rotating worship leader roster.

The band co-leads weekly worship at the church on an alternating roster with Cornerstone Worship, as well as performing concerts and regional tours. In the past they have toured with associated contemporary worship band Heavenbound.

History Edit

The band was originally formed in early 1996, by a small group of close friends from Cornerstone Youth. Founded under the name "Ignite Worship" it served as the house band for Cornerstone Youth meetings led youth pastors Joel and Bethany Coleman. As the church's youth band, they produced original songs for local youth between the ages of sixteen and twenty five. The band members also attended Cornerstone Church services.

In 2002 the band reinvented itself as "Redeemed" and transitioned into a professional contemporary Christian worship band. It's role as house band for the Cornerstone Youth meetings was taken up by the newly-formed Ablaze as the band moved to its new professional role. It was signed to the Cornerstone Music label and began to produce albums under its new name.

It was suggested that the band produce an album in 2002 due to the large number of songs written for the Cornerstone Youth meetings. As a result, the band's debut studio album "Beautiful Glorious" was recorded and released by the new band in mid-2002. It achieved Gold sales status in the northwestern United States and won a Nazareth Gold Award at the Los Santos Christian Music Awards. Early in that year Joel and Bethany Coleman stepped down as worship leaders of the band in favor of a new roster of worship leaders. Thomas Clarke, Emilia Garcia and Michael Wright are the new leaders of the band.

The band members are still involved with Cornerstone Church services with the band leading worship at the church on a rostered basis. Redeemed has explained that it uses a rotating leadership roster to give each of the main vocalists an opportunity to lead worship preventing any one of them from dominating the artistic life of the band. This rotating roster has given the band's performances a unique quality and variety in vocals. In addition, the band's musicians each contribute songs to the albums in a creative collaboration that allows each member to have a say in the band and to feel fully involved.

Redeemed has toured extensively throughout San Andreas, leading worship at various locations and has had a national influence. The band takes part in the annual Ablaze Conference in Los Santos each year during which they often release live albums. The current band logo was designed in 2002 by the band as a whole to complete its new identity as a professional-level band.

In 2012, they won three Nazareth Awards, including Song of the Year for "Every Knee Will Bow". The band was nominated for Worship Band of the Year at the 2013 Los Santos Christian Music Awards in a continuation of its commercial success. However, the band does not accept personal fame for its great success in the music industry instead giving all recognition to God. It also donates a large portion of its earnings to charity as a means of blessing those who need it most.

Members Edit

Current Edit

The members of the band as of 2013 were;

  • Thomas Clarke - worship leader, guitar, keys, percussion.
  • Emilia Garcia - worship leader, bass guitar, keys
  • Michael Wright - worship leader, guitar
  • Samantha Morgan - percussion, keys, music director
  • David Evans - guitar, keys, music director
  • Michelle Evans - keyboards, programming, sampling,
  • Paul Cooper - drums

Former Edit

Former members of the band are;

  • Joel Coleman - worship leader, percussion, keys
  • Bethany Coleman - worship leader, guitar, percussion
  • Jebediah Coleman - worship leader, guitar and keys
  • Louisa Campbell - bass guitar

Discography Edit

Studio albums Edit

Live albums Edit

Major Concerts Edit

Redeemed has taken part in a number of concerts and tours. It first appeared in a public concert at the annual Ablaze Conference in Los Santos in 2005. The three day conference saw it play several sets at the Maze Bank Arena alongside other Christian bands. The band's participation in the conference helped to launch it to national recognition.

In 2007 it took part in its first regional tour playing at concerts in Los Santos, San Fierro, Dillimore and San Juan. Early in the tour the band added a number of other major San Andrean cities to its tour roster including San Miguel and Thornton significantly extending its tour. This tour expanded its fanbase giving it increased recognition and influence.

In 2011 Redeemed took part in its "National Tour" playing concerts in Vice City. Liberty City, Las Venturas, Carcer City, Bullworth, San Fierro and Los Santos. In addition to this it has also led concerts at churches in San Fierro and Los Santos as a guest worship band.

Trivia Edit

  • The band was partially inspired by Hillsong United. This real-life inspiration is shown in the fact that both bands began as part of their church youth ministry and that both have had an influence on contemporary Christian music. Like its real-life inspiration, Redeemed is shown to be active on tours and in concerts with a strong folllowing.