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Redeemed is a worship band that originated as part of Grace Church. It was formed in 2006 as the church's house band providing the music for the weekly church services. It has since made guest appearances on the Grace Church-affiliated Hope Lives evangelical channel.

In 2009 the band stepped down from its position as the house band of Grace Church to instead begin a professional career as a praise and worship band. By 2010, Redeemed had been succeeded as house band of Grace Church by Grace Worship.

It produces its albums under the Hope Lives Worship label. The band is often considered an associated act of Grace Worship despite the two bands being independent of each other.

Members Edit

Current Edit

The members of the band as of 2013 are;

  • Thomas Clarke - worship leader, guitar and percussion
  • Emilia Garcia - worship leader, guitar and keys
  • Michael Wright - worship leader, guitar and keys
  • Samantha Morgan - guitar, percussion and music director
  • David Evans - drums
  • Michelle Evans - keyboard and music director
  • Paul Cooper - bass guitar, programming, sampling

Discography Edit

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