Raymond Harris
Security Guard GTAve
Ray in 2009
Appearance(s): Paleto Ranger
Full name: Raymond Harris
Also known as: Ray

Mr. Harris
Ranger Harris

Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1979 (aged 34)
Place of birth: Ludendorff, North Yankton
Home: Paleto Bay, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Family: Thomas Harris (father)

Martha Harris (mother)
Jolene Harris (sister)

Main Affiliation: US Army (formerly)
Gruppe Sechs (formerly)

San Andreas Park Rangers

Weapons: Pistol
Vehicle(s): Park Ranger Granger

Raymond Harris, also known as Ray, is the protagonist of Paleto Ranger and a secondary supporting character in Native Son. He is a retired US Army Infantryman who was voluntarily honorably discharged in 2008 at the end of an eleven year military career. During his service with the US Army he rose to the rank of First Lieutenant and was awarded two medals for acts of extreme bravery.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Ray was born in 1979 to devout Catholic parents in the small rural town of Ludendorff, North Yankton. As a small boy he grew up with a strict set of rules and soon developed into a highly disciplined child. He never once rebelled but instead became a model Catholic youth in his teenage years. The young Ray diligently attended weekly services at the local St. Luke's Catholic Church and played a highly active part in the youth program.

At the age of fourteen Ray was sent to live at St. Mark's Academy in Seymour, San Andreas. He was enrolled at the all boys Catholic school by his parents who believed that the guidance of the church would lead their son to success in life. Ray thrived at the private school joining the St. Mark's Templars football team as a Linebacker in his freshman year. As a matter of strict discipline he also excelled in his studies under the strict tutelage of a no-nonsense priest. The academy's long standing ties to the US military saw Ray come into close contact with US Army campus liaisons who inspired him to one day join the army.

Adult LifeEdit

Ray enlisted in the US Army in 1997. Fresh out of high school he did well in his military training and was soon assigned to the 89th Infantry Regiment. Stationed at Fort Baxter in Vice City he proved himself more to be a very capable infantryman with strong leadership qualities. Ray rose through the ranks with remarkable speed becoming a Sergeant by 2001. He served in a combat role in engagements in the Middle East, South America and North Africa. His highly disciplined nature and sense of duty saw him rise to the rank of Lieutenant after his fifth tour of duty.

Returning to the United States in 2008 Ray left the army. Settling into civilian life he took a job as a security guard with Gruppe Sechs. His sense of dutiful discipline saw him do well in his job as well and he soon rose to a senior position in the security firm. Ray served as an armed guard accompanying high security armoured truck convoys, high profile events and other demanding tasks. After discovering a desire to serve with some form of law enforcement he joined the San Andreas Park Rangers in 2012 leaving his job with Gruppe Sechs.

A year after joining Ray was given his own patrol sector in recognition of his honourable military service. He has taken to his official duties with great enthusiasm serving as a vigilant ranger operating out of Paleto Bay. He has admitted that he misses his days in the Army and has considered reenlisting at least twice.

Ray bought a home at 4402 Procopio Drive prior to moving to Paleto Bay. He lives alone and takes part in a small Catholic home group at a neighbour's house to compensate for the lack of a local Catholic Church. He is a well known member of the community and is generally well liked by the townsfolk who are now his neighbours and friends. He is a casual friend of the good natured but ill-fated Riley Wilkins who he tries to keep out of trouble.


Stories From San AndreasEdit


  • The image used to portray Ray remains the sole property of Rockstar Games. It has been used to illustrate a fan-fiction character - Enigma24 does not own it or have any legal rights to it.
  • Ray states that he considered applying to join NOOSE and that his military background would have seen him earn immediate membership. However, he instead opted to serve with the San Andreas Park Rangers because he had seen enough of "madmen with guns".

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