Ray Boccino in GTA IV


Ray Boccino in TLAD, during the first half of the storyline

Raymond Boccino is a main character in Grand Theft Auto IV, and the secondary antagonist in The Lost and Damned. Ray is an associate of mob boss Jimmy Pegorino, giving missions to Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz.


Ray only betrays Johnny (but technically it's the other way around), in the TLAD mission Was It Worth It?. Johnny and Niko do a diamond deal with Isaac Roth and Mori Green. Things turn sour when Luis Fernando Lopez crashes the deal and takes the diamonds for his boss Tony Prince. In all the confusion, Johnny decides to steal Roth and Green's diamond payment (which was for Boccino), and gives it to his best friend Jim Fitzgerald. Ray is so angry that he makes Niko go and kill Jim and get the money back. This leaves Johnny upset about his best friend's death.


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