Ramana Ulas
Ramana in 3950 BBY
Appearance(s): Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
Full name: Ramana Ulas
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 3922 BBY
Place of birth: Ryloth, Outer Rim
Home: Onderon, Inner Rim
Family: Silais Ulas (father)

Ardana Ulas (mother)
Joddis Ulas (brother)
Harra (ex-boyfriend)

Main Affiliation: Clan Ulas

Doton Het (formerly)
Harra (formerly)

Weapons: Customized blaster pistol
Businesses: Twin Palms Cantina


"Harra was a brainless idiot with a gambling addiction. Leaving him was the best decision I ever made. I left Citadel Station and never looked back!"
―Ramana commenting on Harra
Ramana Ulas, also known as Ramana, was a former Twi'lek slave and businesswoman who lived during the First Jedi Purge. She survived the chaos brought on by the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Triumvirate going on to live a highly prosperous life as a prominent member of Clan Ulas.

She is a Tukian Twi'lek, a green-skinned subspecies of the Twi'lek race, making her a member of the dominant Twi'lek subrace. In her youth she was mocked for being a "commoner" and "common mutt" by several members of the Rutian subrace due to her common coloration. As a result she came to resent the rarer skin colorations in the belief that they would all mock her.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Ramana was born on Ryloth in 3922 BBY. As the eldest child of Silais Ulas, patriarch of the disgraced Clan Ulas, she had a hard life from the beginning. She, along with her entire family, was ostracized and forced to live on the very fringes of Twi'lek society.

Life on the almost inhospitable Twi'lek homeworld was extremely difficult for the young Ramana. She grew up with nothing to her name but the clothes on her back and her favourite doll. Her father was forced to work as an indentured servant for a local Twi'lek noble further deepening her family's disgrace in the eyes of Twi'lek society. She was relentlessly mocked by Twi'leks with rarer skin colours who frequently physically and verbally bullied her. Ramana followed the custom of her family separating her name to symbolize her alienation from her people, using the disgraceful Ramana Ulas instead of the honourable Ramanau'las.

She spent most of her childhood sheltering in caverns beneath the surface of Ryloth, which alternated between searing heat and freezing cold, working as an indentured house servant. As a tiny child she swore that she would one day make something of herself and lead her family to a better life.

Adult Life Edit

In 3945 BBY, at the age of twenty three, Ramana left Ryloth to wander the galaxy. Hitching a ride on a deep space freighter she found employment as a member of the crew and traveled with the ship. She visited numerous worlds and soon developed a taste for adventure and exploration. She worked as a loyal freight loader for several years before landing a job with the infamous Czerka Arms as an office assistant. An ambitious Ramana, referred to using her chosen name, sparked up a budding romance with fellow Tukian Twi'lek co-worker Harra.

This romance proved disastrous for her in 3950 BBY when her bumbling boyfriend used her as a bet in a Pazaak game in place of credits. Harra lost the match and Ramana became the property of the Twi'lek slaver Doton Het who put her to work as a dancer in his cantina. Despite her protests and a number of escape attempts Ramana became a highly talented dancer at Doton's cantina on Citadel Station. She was violently forced to prostitute herself for the pleasure and amusement of Doton's customers which deepened the already festering resentment within her. Her sufferings were brought to an end in 3951 BBY when the Grey Jedi Meetra Surik defeated Doton in a one-on-one duel with her freedom as a victory wager. A grateful Ramana pledged her undying gratitude to Meetra and, refusing to return to Harra, left Citadel Station after killing her former master in his sleep.

Ramana left Telos IV and Citadel Station far behind her to settle on the world of Onderon where she sought to make a new life for herself. Over the course of several years she arranged for her family to travel to Onderon to join her in a bold new life.

Life on OnderonEdit

After exploring Onderon for some time Ramana settled in Iziz. She used every last credit she had to buy an abandoned store in the Merchant Quarter. After a major renovation project Ramana reopened the store as DroidMart selling secondhand droids at cheap prices. When her store became successful she began buying droids fresh from the manufacturing line. Under her direction DroidMart grew into a mid-sized retail store, hired a number of new staff, and began selling T3-series utility droids and GE3-series protocol droids as its primary stock. The success of her first business venture launched the young Ramana to local fame as a businesswoman, let alone a Twi'lek businesswoman.

Now a wealthy young woman Ramana used a portion of her wealth to buy a local cantina. As soon as she had legally bought it Ramana remodeled the cantina as a high-end inner city venue. She had two Tatooinian Palms imported and planted at the front entrance before renaming her new acquisition the 'Twin Palms Cantina'. With this new business venture meeting the same success as the first Ramana grew to become even more wealthy and took her place as a central member of Clan Ulas. She is now recorded in history as one of the most financially successful Twi'lek women with a substantial fortune entirely her own.



  • Ramana and the image used to portray her remain the sole property of LucasArts. This page exists solely as a work of fan-fiction intended to continue her story. Ramana originally appeared in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and this article is a continuation of her story after the events of that game.

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