These events happened very long ago. Sometime back in 1999 B.C, the ancestors of the Quilavas that we know today lived on an island titled Quilava Island. It contained many rare minerals, including the morphing gem in Quilava:Master of Disguise and tons of diamonds (as seen in Diamonds in the Rough). One day, an evil warlock named PicWizard came, in pursuit of the rare diamonds that would make him rich. PicWizard and his forces started digging on the island. By the time the Quilavas found out, it was already too late. There were 4 diamonds and the mentioned morphing gem. The Quilavas, furious about the illegal mining, set out on a journey to take down PicWizard and save the precious gemstones.


  1. Creepy Caterpie
  2. Count Crobat
  3. Kingler of the Deep
  4. Magby the Maulicous
  5. Clefable the Celestial Disaster


  • Five-Petaled-Fred
  • MeBat
  • Prince Politoed


Midboss theme

Boss theme (Worlds 1 through 3)

Boss theme (Worlds 4 through 5)

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