Quilava:Master of Disguise is a game about a Quilava that accidentally teleports himself to a parallel universe of this one, where the good guys are bad, the sky is red, and the chickens can finally fly. He searches the land, finding mind-controlled pups, a magician that's really a wizard, and a magical gem that allows him to change forms. This gem has been shattered, so when the Quilava finds another piece, he gains a new transformation. Along the way, he is pursued by Burglar Beagle, the alternate version of The Beagle, in desperate pursuit of the gem, tempted by the thought of money it's worth. Eventually, he defeats the evil demon, cantaloni. After the demon is gone, the Quilava can finally go back to his dimension, accidentally taking the gem with him.


  • Genius Quilava
  • Tornado Quilava
  • Astro Quilava
  • Yoshi Quilava
  • Sub Quilava
  • Creative Quilava
  • Miner Quilava
  • Goopy Quilava
  • Balloon Quilava


  1. Burglar Beagle
  2. dog-a-tron 3000
  3. PicWizard
  4. Swalot
  5. Dugtrio
  6. Pidgeot
  7. dog-a-tron 4000

More soon

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