The first chapter of Lathan's book series .


Your fingers ran through the dusty books of the archives, searching for the first books of Lathan's, the creator of Iurov and the founder of the Main 12. You're wondering why people didn't bother to visit the section of the biggest library in Kiprolt city, the city you've been living in since you were born. Before you got here, you browsed through the net to find Lathan's books because the rumors you hear from the people are lies.

Most of them actually.

They said that the Shifters, also known as "The Twelves", are still around, hiding in their human forms because most of them are, let's just say, not "normal" or came from different Earths and Timelines. You knew that your generation and the previous ones came from them, maybe the Shifter's blood running through veins.

You finally get to the end of the bookshelf and pulled out the book with a "Prologue" on the side cover. The cover of the book is simply plain brown and the pages , most likely, are stitched together with a rope you aren't familiar of. Something stirs inside you that urges you to read the book right now. You decided to walk off and went to the self-service machine where you can take out the book without primary assistance from the librarians. You swipe the book in the machine's scanner and the screen displayed on what date you'll return the book. You sighed in relief when you saw it was due in two weeks. You get the receipt from the machine, shoved the book into your bag and ran out from the building. You quickly got to your apartment within fifteen minutes and found yourself closing the door behind you. Turning the lights on, you groaned as you sat on your desk chair, get the book from the bag and opened it.

The first two pages displays nothing but little droplets of black ink. The next page contains the following words written wonderfully in cursive:

"Author's Note"

Dearest reader,

I want to congratulate you for picking up this book and read it in your free time. I guess people hardly get this book from the dusty bookshelves of the history archives to even know the first generation who lived here thousand years ago.

I've started to write these books after the "Main 12", an enormous group I founded to defend the famous "United Cities", disbanded. If you think it's a city, you're wrong. It's not actually a city but it is a enormous country that almost invaded the 1/4 of Iurov. I am the one who conceptualized the city and built it for 500 years, accompanied by the last surviving Grapherse, R4H. It joked that it should be named "United Country" instead of "Cities". Either way, I think both are lousy names for a country but, hey, maybe the citizens can memorize it. Emphasis on the word "maybe".

So, you're probably wondering right now why this book urges you to read it. Well, I cast a little spell on it: only a few people in your generation will able to read this. You'll know the reason when you move on to my next books because it won't just end here. Not yet.

Let's get started with the starter questions: Who am I? Who is Dagger? What are the stories of the Twelves?

Well, friend, let's start it with my family's story. Every disaster that happened from the past up to now came from the ancient war. The war between Angels and Demons.

You stopped reading when your cellphone rang in your pocket. You bookmarked where you left off and pulled out the gadget from your pocket. You traced a pattern on your phone to unlock its screen and saw a message. It was from your classmate who's asking for help with Iurov's history. You sighed and texted: "I'll tell you tomorrow after lunch"

You put your phone the table beside you and opened the book. You are surprised that there's a fresh written note before a paragraph you are about suppose to read.

So, a text message, huh?


I guess you've learned from your history subject that this war happened long time ago before the Earths were made. It is true. I may have not been born on that time yet, but, I've read a lot books in my father's room, each book explains the time before and after the war ended.

These books explains that the Devil, Satan, sent his demon fleet for his unknown, personal reasons. God, on the other side, sent His army and won. But seeing those sins like... killing, God rejected the angels but... He created a world for them. The Angels called it Cron and built their own culture. The surviving Devils followed them and live on the dark side of the world, creating malevolent culture that probably killed all the species on every area they resided in.

Both sides have chosen rulers, of course. The first one to rule our kingdom is Cron Derick Voltenage Dragov I, which is my great-grandfather. He named our clan "Scheinan" while the first ruler of the Devil's called themselves as "Deorc".

The war didn't end at all.

Deorc multiplied like a bacteria and begin to attack the Scheinan kingdom fiercely, crushing its defenses and killing people with their absurdly, enormous weapons. However, Cron I, sent his best army and the Deorc fleet were wiped out within an hour. After that incident, a wall was built, made of materials that Deorcs are best trying to avoid. Why? Because the protected walls built around the Scheinan kingdom was made out of White Stones that if the Deorcs sees this, they will tremble and run away with their tails between their legs. I don't know what kind of phenomenon behind those Stones but it did a really good trick to keep the enemies at bay.

Peace finally comes at last until on my father's rule. A soul named "Dagger" came out of nowhere and declared that he would break down the walls of Scheinan. By the time Dagger declared another war against my kingdom, me and my younger brother, were being born. I want to clarify to you that he didn't attack... yet.

Dagger is a patient and open enemy, but I tell you, he is such a bad timer when it comes to special occasions. Because, damn, our birthdays (me and Lance) are marked as "Dagger's-out-of-nowhere" appearance. For short, our birthday* is "cursed" by father's people though.

You stopped reading the paragraph when you saw the asterisk. You looked at the bottom of the page.

  • Fact 1: Me and Lance were born in December 15 which is a winter season in Cron, just like on Earth.

You flipped on the next page and continue reading, completely ignoring the time

I know this author's note is too long so let's start the Prologue. Note that this written in third omniscient view, thanks to the Memory Shards I gave to the Twelves. Later you'll know what the Shards are after this story progresses.

You flipped the page and its back is blank. Your eyes glances on the other one and reads "Prologue". You licked your thumb and you turn the page and continue to read.

Cron serves as a refuge of the Fallen Angels and the rejected Devils, each group exiled from their respective realms. It was created after the War between the two opposing groups and many have dissipated.

Both clans named themselves; the Scheinan and Deorc; Fallen Angels and Devils respectively.

Scheinan might be sound peaceful but have fiercest warriors in their ranks. A castle was built on the center of the wall-protected country surrounded by villages, most structures purely made out of White Stones that can fend off the Deorcs whenever they try to attack it. The former Angels begin to adapt the human style of living to keep themselves alive, eventhough, at that time, humans were about to created by God. The towns are usually arranged in a circular manner and it follows a circular pattern that surrounds the castle. When you look from above, you'll see grey-white dots on a perfect circle... like there's an outer, middle and inner towns surrounding the castle. Most of these have archer posts to keep off the flying Deorcs diving from the night skies.

Deorc is pretty much the most violent creatures you'll ever see. They are more like animalistic and less civilized compared to Scheinans. They hunt like lions, pouncing on their prey and tear their enemies apart before you know it. The scariest thing about them is they evolve quickly. They grew out wings, extra limbs, tails and even two heads. This ability made them dangerous and even harder to kill because of their harder shells grew out from their sensitive skin. Scheinans, however, developed abilities to match their enemies capabilities to evolve genes in a rapid rate. The former Angels invented on the powers you call now "superpowers" that you can hear from creatures around the world.

But Schichtens, or also known as "Shifter Powers", is more than a superpower. It's divine abilitiesares able to create beyond any superpower that can do. Any individual can have multiple abilities inside of them, depends on their class.

There are different classes of Schichten. The four main ones are: Elemental, Mechanical, Transferal and Soul.

Elemental Shifters have ability to control physical matters like rock, water, fire, air, electricity, and many other elements. Heck, even all of the elements. The elements also serves as the subsets of the aforementioned Shifter and will gain their title depends on how they use their respective powers.

Mechanical Shifters can transform any parts of their body into mechanical or even their whole body. They also have ability to change their parts while on their Shifter form. They gain their title through the materials, body type and weapons they use.

Transferal Shifters can change their powers at will to use powerful techniques at their dispense. Their emotions also affects the strong power and color of their released energy. They gain their titles through the usual color they use and how they use their techniques.

And, lastly, Soul Shifters are naturally healers but Scheinans found out that this ability can be use in a battle. These kind of Shifters are the rarest of the four classes because these individuals knock their enemies out without even touching them. Soul Shifters are divided into three subsets: Destructive, Subtle and Soul Healers. Destructive Soul Shifter may use or not use their abilities to struck their opponent down with tremendous amount of strenght and durability while Subtle Soul Shifters takes only a few seconds to take down an army but with only a great cost; their bodies will be left paralyzed after they released their energy that reached a large radius. Soul Healers can heal any kind of disease and remove them permanently from their being. Out of all three, Soul Healers, or SHs, are the rarest of the subsets. Only less than ten Shifters are said to be SHs and maybe even merely a rumor right now.

You stopped reading and put the bookmark on the page where you left. Wow. That's a lot take in. Shifters really have classes and subsets and even their own unique titles because of it.

{ to be added }


  • This chapter is heavily inspired by religious beliefs, specifically Christianity.
  • This is the shortest book that Lathan wrote.

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