Prologue: VIOLET Project is the first chapter of the The VIOLET Team whereas the mercenaries are being gathered by Mr. FRIGID.


Mr. FRIGID is assigned to gather disabled or fired mercenaries from different Earths.


  1. FRIGID's VIOLET Mercs
  2. Ach, Scheiß (Medic's Chapter)
  3. Cut Off the Chase (Scout's Chapter)
  4. Boom, A Locked Nessie! (Demoman's Chapter)
  5. The Volunteer (Soldier's Chapter)
  6. Sharper than an Eagle's Eyes (Sniper's Chapter)
  7. Let's do this Texas style! (Engineer's Chapter)
  8. Winter Bear (Heavy's Chapter)
  9. Unforgiving Stabs (Spy's Chapter)
  10. No Hope (Pyro's Chapter)
  11. The Enlistment
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Character Specific Chapters
The Bostonian Mercenary (VIOLET Scout)Dustbowl Leader (VIOLET Soldier)Former BLU Pyromaniac (VIOLET Pyro)Explosive Demo (VIOLET Demoman)Wise Beyond Strength (VIOLET Heavy)Accidental Invention (VIOLET Engineer)Ingenious Doktor (VIOLET Medic)The Outland (VIOLET Sniper)Cloaked Two-Faced Snake (VIOLET Spy)

Main Chapters

Prologue: VIOLET ProjectThe EnlistmentBand of Interdimensional MercenariesThe Reaper IncidentTwelve Affiliation