Polterpup is a ghostly member at Dog INC. She is a master of disguise and escape. While not working, she is most playful in the whole corparation. He is The Beagle's sister. She made her first video game debut as a portrait ghost and the first boss in Dimitri's Mansion. First, she wants to play a little game of catch with Dimitri and she hits a ball at Dimitri but it accidently hits Dimitri causing him to take damage. Dimitri sucks a ball up with the Paragust 3000 and hits a ball at her and then proceeds to capture the non-living mutt herself! After this, she whimpers, escapes, and tells Dimitri that's the the type of catch that she meant and also is really mad. Then she shrinks Dimitri out of fury and attempts to eat him. After she is captured and turned into a portrait, Niko states that it is "Such a shame that she has to stay in captivity temporarly". She made another appearence in Dimitri's Random Wiki Infinity as a captive of Dimitri Rascalov again but instead is in the right arm of T.G.C.A.R.D. which is really a cage that is really the third Star Sage, Hostcge. She is realeased after you defeat Dimitri's ghost-trapping robot and joins your team as well as Dimitri himself.


  • She is the only portrait ghost in Dimitri's mansion that wasn't oringinally a portrait.