Since I'm nowhere near finalizing the episodes yet, I'm just going to put the names of the potential episodes here. I may sort them into seasons, but I don't know yet. Many of these ideas will be cut since I'm limiting myself to 100 epsisodes, or twenty episodes per season, not counting two (or more) part episodes with a few exceptions.

Note: I will eventually make pages for episodes, but I will still scrap a few. For the better ideas, I'll still keep them around but make it known at the page that is not part of the main show, and for the worse ideas, I'll delete them entirely.


  • A Parody Episode: Not the official name of the episode, but this will literally be a complete joke. It will be the one episode in every series that pays homage to the creator's inspirations. A few parodies will be of "Kirby: Right Back at Ya", "Steven Universe", "SpongeBob SquarePants" (Seasons 1-3), and even a small segment for "The Ren and Stimpy" show.


These are scenes that I thought of, but have no idea which episodes they should be in.

There are little numbers next to the scenes. These indicate which Season I want them to be in.

  1. Firey Snaps1: Firey has had enough of Squirt's antagonistic behavior and targeting Chica and completely loses it during an adventure Squirt led them into on purpose. Despite being the inferior type, in a surprising turn of events, Firey gives in to his wrath and beats Squirt up almost effortlessly. Before he's done with Squirt however, a spirit possesses Firey to keep pounding and it's up to his friends to decide if they forgive him or not.
  2. Something Bad is Going to Happen5:Towards the beginning of Season 5, the rescue team wakes up to a seemingly normal day, but Chica confides in Firey about a feeling she's been having every day like everything they've been doing so far is leading up to something catastrophic soon. This is a major foreshadowing of events to come.

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