Pocket Monsters, or most commonly referred to as Pokémon for short around the world, is a series written by Red Tiger and based off of the media franchise of the same name, Pokémon.


Welcome to the world of Pokémon, Pocket Monsters for short...!!

A world where these powerful creatures exist, a place where they thrive freely. Pokémon can be found everywhere, all around you. Whether it would be on land... under the sea... in cities... above the sky... anywhere that these mysterious beings can be in, they will be there. Humans have co-existed with them for as long as the world has been born. No one knows exactly where they came from, what created them or why they are here... but we do know that these creatures are here to stay and live among us peacefully!

Here we see the start of the adventure of a young Pallet Town boy named Ash Ketchum from the Kanto Region. Aiming to be the World's Greatest Pokémon Master, Ash starts his first day as a beginning Pokémon Trainer with the initially disobedient Electric Mouse Pokémon, Pikachu. Things turn go from bad to worse for them when Ash's first day suddenly takes a disastrous turn when a flock of furious Spearow begin attacking them. With the Spearow flock being relentless, Ash decides to stop running away and face them, ordering Pikachu to get inside its Poké Ball and risking his life to protect his starter. Luckily, Pikachu sees the act of selflesness and protects Ash from the flock, unleashing a powerful Thundershock that scares and defeats them all.

Surpassing such an event, Ash and Pikachu finally reach an understanding and befriend one another. From this experience, Ash now sets his eyes on the road ahead, as his journey has only begun...!!

Series Edit


  • This adaptation is based off of the anime while also incorporating certain elements from the Pokémon Adventures manga and the core game series.

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