Pistol in GTA IV

The Pistol is a small handgun appearing in all GTA games, being the most basic firearm in the series. It is HIGHLY unrecommended for giant gunfights, since it does low damage, and a slow firing rate. In the GTA IV trilogy, you can perform executions with the Pistol, or even anything in the pistol slot.


  • Angus Martin is known to own a customized black and silver pistol. The weapon was given to him by his girlfriend Leila Sharpe after his release from prison. Angus has affectionately named it "Widowmaker" and uses it as his personal weapon. It is a highly customized pistol with an altered handgrip designed to make it easier to aim and more comfortable in the hand. It also features a customized barrel which increases the speed its bullets are fired at making it even more deadly. The weapon is featured in the debut Episodes from San Andreas episode Brotherhood Reborn.

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