Pierre Bonnay
Full name: Pierre Bonnay
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1986 (aged 41)
Place of birth: Sabine, France
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality: French
Vehicle(s): Dark blue Pegassi Ruffian
"This city, it is unlike anything I have ever seen. So big, so noisy and so full of the clammer of life. People with everything rubbing shoulders with people with nothing. It is a world within itself. "
―Pierre commenting on Los Santos
Pierre Bonnay is a resident of Los Santos and a French immigrant. He is a "C-list" actor best known for his role in the popular sitcom Hazy Days who moved to the United States to pursue an acting career. He is vocally proud of his French heritage and has carefully ensured that he maintains a deep connection with his French roots.

Early Life Edit

Pierre was born in the small French farming town of Sabine in 1986 . Born into a poor farming family he had a humble beginning working on his father's struggling wheat farm from a young age. He grew up doing odd jobs to survive and developed a talent for acting at the age of eleven when he would put on shows for the local community to earn money for his family. His parents could not afford to send him to school so he spent his childhood either working in the fields or getting into mischief with a gang of local street children.

He spent the first half of his teens working in a local vineyard and a manufacturing plant to save up enough money to pursue his childhood dream of attending acting school in a neighbouring city. In his late teens Pierre left his hometown to follow his dreams despite the bitter protests of his hard-working father.

Life in America Edit

He immigrated to the United States in 2009 leaving his family and friends behind to chase his dream of a professional acting career. Luck was on the plucky Frenchman's side and he soon secured a bit part in a short-lived sitcom. Although the sitcom would eventually be cancelled due to poor ratings the valuable screen time brought Pierre to the attention of television writers and he was offered the role of Sebastian Croix in the Hazy Days pilot which he gratefully accepted. The role would launch his career and Pierre achieved the life he had always dreamed of.

He speaks with a strong French accent and, according to the sensationalist media, has been seen visiting the Vanilla Unicorn strip club where he favours the French stripper Fufu. However, Pierre has repeatedly denied these rumours stating that they are "nothing but sensationalist slander and an attempt at ruining my reputation". His rugged good looks and French charm have earned him a well-known reputation as a "heart throb" among teenage girls and older women alike.

He owns a dark blue Declasse Premier and lives in a modest apartment in the Alta Street Tower apartment complex in Pillbox Hill. His habitual pleasantness and friendly personality have gained him many friends among Vinewood's beginner actors and he is known to frequently socialize with friends in the Pillbox Hill branch of the Cafe Redemption coffeehouse chain.

Professional CareerEdit

Pierre began his professional acting career in 2011 playing French exchange student and recent law graduate Sebastian Croix in the sitcom Hazy Days. He secured a central role in the show and his character became a fan favourite due to his French charm. The aspiring actor stayed with the series from its pilot episode until the final episode of the fifth season in early 2013 when he decided to leave to pursue other projects. Sebastian is seen in last appearance in Hazy Days in the episode "Farewell My Friend" during which he is informed by an immigration official that he can no longer stay in the United States. Having finished his studies in America as well as having already outstayed the duration of his extended scholarship visa a reluctant Sebastian is forced to return home to France. The emotional final episode of the fifth episode sees the gang throw Sebastian one last party as he enjoys everything he has grown to love about America for the last time. Sebastian is seen for the final time sadly waving goodbye to his friends from the other side of a security area in the Los Santos International Airport. 

After leaving the sitcom Pierre secured a minor role in the historical mini-series "Our Home " in 2012. He took on the role of fictional French soldier Corporal Amaud Lavigne serving in the trenches during World War I. In this role Pierre portrayed one of the many unknown soldiers who lost their lives in the bloody war against the Germans along the Western Front.  He employed his acting skills to successfully portray a shell-shocked young man enduring the horrors and brutality of war. His character is killed in the infamous and bloody Battle of the Somme which sees him cut down by a German machine gun as he attempts to comfort a dying friend.

His highly emotional death scene in the final episode of "Our Home" brought him to the attention of producers and he soon secured another role. At long last Pierre was offered a main role in a full length film which he was quick to accept. Pierre took on the role of the highly idealistic French Resistance fighter Gaston Montierre in the art film "Beneath The Oaks" which saw him taking part in guerilla warfare activities against the occupying Nazi German forces. The highly charismatic Montierre struggled to balance nationalistic fervor with his sworn responsibility to protect his family bringing a new diversity to Pierre's acting repertoire. 

In 2013 Pierre was offered a central role in the horror drama series Shadowkin. He accepted the offer taking the role of the eight hundred and sixty year old French vampire lord Richart Bellamy. Richart makes his debut appearance in the episode "Pale Face" awakened from a century long slumber by the series main villian and swiftly kills a number of humans brought as a blood tribute. The ancient vampire, originally turned in 1152 AD in southern France, begins to direct the younger generation of vampires promising to grant them power if they serve him or death if they do not. He appears in a weakened state following his long hibernation at the end of the fifth season and operates as a puppet-master from behind the scenes.

Filmography Edit

  1. Hazy Days (2011-2013) - "Sebastian Croix"
  2. Our Home  (2012) - "Corporal Amaud Lavigne"
  3. Beneath The Oaks (2013) - "Gaston Montierre"
  4. Shadowkin (2013) - "Richart Bellamy"

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