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The Pierce County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) is the local county law enforcement agency operating in Pierce County, New Langdon. It is loosely based on the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department and like its real-life inspiration is a relatively small department. However, it make up for what it lacks in size with sheer dedication and vigilance. 

It is commanded by a High Sheriff, following the custom in New Langdon, who oversees a staff of subordinate deputies. These deputies patrol the county and can be frequently seen carrying out general policing duties as well as a range of traffic enforcement duties on a county-wide level.


According to its official website, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department employs a total of ninety full-time and part-time sworn officers. It prides itself on being a well funded department which utilizes modern vehicles and service equipment to carry out its official duties. It is responsible for general policing duties on a county-wide level as well as the transportation of inmates to and from jails and courthouses in the county. It also provides assistance to police departments across the county and to the state police as required. It operates a sheriff's office in the town of Crawley from which it organizes its patrols.

Officers of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department are well kown for their tireless vigilance and commitment to enforcing the law. The department has placed immense importance on protecting the communities of the county and their residents from the dangers of the criminal underworld. Unlike other law enforcement agencies it is not overtly aggressive, instead all deputies are instructed and trained to attempt a peaceful solution to a callout if at all possible. Deputies will attempt to reason with criminals before using aggressive tactics as a last resort. This operational attitude is summed up in its deescalation if at all possible or neccessary violence only if required policy. 

The department operates an active recruitment campaign aimed at attracting fresh recruits in order to bolster its operational staff. It uses a televised recruitment video and a billboard campaign targeted at young men and women focusing on the honour and sense of duty with which its deputies serve. It also advises aspiring recruits on the differing law enforcement branches to help these recruits find the agency for which they are best suited. 


High Sheriff

  • Maxwell Davis (2004)


  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Deputy

Sheriff's OfficesEdit


  • Crawley Sheriff's Office


The Pierce County Sheriff's Department makes use of two standard service vehicles, the Vapid Stanier and the Benefactor Serrano. Each vehicle fills a distinct role, the Stanier serves as the standard patrol car while the Serrano serves as a rural patrol vehicle. In addition to these standard service vehicles it also uses the Brute Stockade as an inmate transport vehicle. The department uses a color combination of copper which extends to the beltline and hood of all vehicles over a dark brown base. All vehicles carry the standard red and blue halogen lightbars commonly seen on law enforcement vehicles in the United States.

Weapons and other equipmentEdit

All deputies and higher ranking personnel are equipped with a range of service equipment on their gun belts and in their cars. As standard issue equipment they carry a pistol, police baton, tazer and pepper spray as well as other standard service equipment such as a torch and a set of handcuffs. Deputies may choose to alternate between their sidearm and a tazer when attempting to apprehend a suspect. In specific situations, such as high risk call outs, some deputies may choose to retrieve a pump action shotgun from the boot of their vehicle. While out on patrol all deputies carry a two-way radio in order to communicate with other deputies and dispatch. 

Pierce County Sheriff's Department works closely with NOOSE where possible. However, the county-wide nature of its operations means that NOOSE tactical teams cannot always be deployed to a location quickly enough. For this reason, the department utilizes body armour and carbine rifles in order to enable its deputies to confront heavily armed criminals and to respond to serious violent crime that would normally fall under the responsibility of NOOSE. If possible, the department will defer to NOOSE tactical insertion teams in these situations but will deploy its own deputies if out of range of this specialist support. 

The department also takes part in the gun amnesty programme operated by the Bullworth Police Department. An individual is able to surrend any illegal firearm to a deputy during a certain timeframe twice a year. This community service initiative allows individuals to hand over their illegal firearms without penalty for a limited amount of time. 


All deputies and higher ranking personnel, who actively serve in the community, wear a uniform consisting of khaki trousers with a dark brown stripe down the outside of each leg and a dark brown dress shirt. The shirt can either be a long sleeved or short sleeved version depending on personal preference or weather conditions. Deputies and higher ranking personnel may also opt for a dark brown jacket with the departmental shoulder patch on each shoulder. A khaki tie may also been worn at formal occasions but is not generally worn while out on patrol. Black dress shoes or boots are the standard footwear worn with the uniform.

The uniform worn by the deputies of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department closely resemble that of the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department in New Hampshire, which it is based on. 

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