Peter Schenzy

Peter in 2287

"Mom says the trip to Megaton isn't safe. But I want to see the big bomb! It's not fair!"
―Peter complaining about wanting to visit Megaton
Peter Schenzy is the nine year old son of Karen Schenzy. He was born in 2278 and was carried across the Capital Wasteland as a month old baby after the destruction of the original Arefu. He is a friendly and rather excitable boy with an active imagination.

As one of only three children in Arefu he laments that the fact that he doesn't have many playmates. Despite this, he is frequently seen in the company of his best friend Samuel Ewers either playing a game called "Hunt the Ghoul" or running through the village chasing Samuel. He expresses sadness at the fact that he never knew his father, whom his mother reveals as a mercenary who stayed in her house before disappearing on his way west, and has concocted elaborate stories about his identity.

His most prized possessions are a baseball glove and a baseball which he found while exploring the wastes around his home. However, he doesn't know what they're used for and instead can be seen tossing the ball in the air before catching it in his glove. Peter is protective of these treasures only agreeing to let Samuel play with them if he is careful. He often hangs around Douglas and treats the Protectron like a friend rather than a tool like the adults do.

Trivia Edit

  • Peter shares the same character model as Hector from Fallout: New Vegas. As such, the image used to represent him remains the sole property of Bethesda Game Studios.

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