Peter Kowalski
Bullworth High Pre-Enrolment Photo
Full name: Peter Kowalski
Also known as: Peter
Detective Kowalski
Mr. Kowalski
Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 5th, 1977 (aged 36)
Place of birth: Bullworth, New Langdon
Home: Bullworth, New Langdon
Nationality: American
Family: Christine Kowalski (wife)
Simon Kowalski (son)
Emily Kowalski (daughter)
Main Affiliation: Bullworth Police Department
Vehicle(s): Dark blue Albany Primo
"I told them I'd make something of myself! Look at me now! I'm a detective, I earn a good wage, I have a nice house, a loving wife and two great kids. I'd say I'm doing pretty damn well"
―Peter commenting on his doubters
Peter "Petey" Kowalski is a character featured in the GTA Expanded Universe and a prominent public figure in Bullworth. He is a senior homicide detective with the Bullworth Police Department. Peter is married to Christine Kowalski and takes great pride in the fact that he married a cheerleader.

He is a graduate of Bullworth High and a proud member of the "Class of 1995". Peter is an active member of the Bullworth High Alumni Association and regularly attends functions held by group. He is a devout Christian and a dedicated member of the St. Thomas' Episcopal Church congregation. His faith has enabled him to deal with the occasional graphic and violent aspects of his career.

Peter is a highly dedicated and "by the books" member of the Bullworth Police Department. He takes his job very seriously. His keen intelligence and analytical mind have helped him excel in his role. He is well known to frequently carry a standard issue police pistol as a safety precaution.

Background Edit

Peter was born in 1977 in the coastal city of Bullworth. Raised by a librarian father and a mother who worked as a teacher he was taught to value intelligence from a very young age. As a child he was shy and awkward with very few friends due to his extreme lack of confidence. He was privately educated by his parents in the belief that Bullworth Elementary did not properly meet his education needs. This home schooling only served to worsen his shyness which would follow him into his high school days.

His parents enrolled him at Bullworth Academy as soon as he reached admission age in order to get him out of the house. During his time at the ill-fated boarding school Peter remained shy and awkward quickly becoming a social outcast. However, life improved dramatically for Peter after his transfer to Bullworth High along with the rest of his school year. He forged firm friendships with fellow "outcasts" Ivan Alexander, Constantinos Brakus and Ray Hughes finally forming a friend group of his own. He never reached anything close to high school popularity but managed to lead a pleasant existence. He took his high school girlfriend Amelia Harris to the Prom and graduated with good grades. While at high school Peter took part in counseling sessions to help put aside his shyness and awkwardness.

Adult Life Edit

In 2002, while attending the Penacook Police Academy, Peter reconnected with a former classmate by the name of Christine Martin. The pair discovered a mutual romantic attraction and soon began a serious relationship. After graduating from the academy later in the year Peter secured a job with the Bullworth Police Department and moved back to his childhood home with Christine. The couple began renting a ranch-style house in the middle-class neighborhood of Elmwood. Peter quickly became one of the department's most dedicated and successful officers rising through the ranks with surprising speed.

In 2007 he passed his promotional exam to become a homicide detective. Peter excelled in this role using his keen intelligence and analytical mind to solve several murder and abduction cases much to the impressed satisfaction of his superiors. That same year he married long-time girlfriend Christine in a modest and deeply emotional service held at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church. He is a loving and very devoted husband who will do everything he can to support his family.

He is now a senior homicide detective with the Bullworth Police Department. In addition to his role as a crime scene investigator he also works as a general crime detective taking cases of a highly varied nature. Peter is a highly dedicated and "by the book" member of local law enforcement who takes his career very seriously. As a result he outright refuses to tolerate the slightest hint of corruption making it a personal mission to stamp out any police corruption. He is a proud and loving father of two small children whom he goes out of his way to protect and provide for. A doting parent he often speaks of his children at work stating his deep affection for them.

Peter is a staunch and outspoken supporter of right-wing politics expressing a firm belief in a range of conservative ideals including a strict opposition to same-sex marriage and the importance of the free market to economic prosperity. He is notably homophobic with a deep-seated contempt for the entire gay community whom he labels as "Un-American". He is a devout Episcopal Christian and prominent member of the St. Thomas' congregation taking part in all church events with his wife in tow. He has maintained firm friendships with his high school friends regularly taking part in social outings with them.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Peter is a confident and outspoken man able to stand up for himself in any given situation. He signed up for a series of counselling and private therapy sessions after graduating from Bullworth High which helped him to address the underlying causes behind his shy awkwardness. As a result he is now bold and strong-willed with an ability to effortlessly conduct himself in a social and professional manner. He is a deeply caring man with a well controlled emotional streak that has given him a deep love for his family and friends.

He is a habitually friendly man with a keen sense of humour. However, his career as a detective has given him an occasionally serious and grim demeanor as a result of the crime scenes he faces on an almost daily basis. Despite this he is known as a good natured man and a respected member of the Bullworth community.

Trivia Edit

  • The character in his original form and the image used to represent him remain the sole property of Rockstar Games in their entirety. The content above is intended as a continuation of the story of the original character.
  • Peter is one of a number of students from Bullworth High who began a law enforcement career after graduating from high school (along with others including Wade Martin, Davis White and Norton Williams).

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