Part-Time Aces! is a crossover written by Plt. Pao Ayo based on The Devil Is a Part-Timer! series of light novel and anime by Satoshi Wagahara and the Ace Combat series of hybrid flight simulation video games by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The fanfic takes place in the Infinity universe of the latter where in the 1990s, a meteor caused a disaster on a global scale which influenced future wars and other political problems during the early 21st century. Sadao Mao (or Satan Jacob) and his friends were investigating a disturbance in their dimension, only to end up in the war-torn universe of Infinity, not only to make a name for themselves but also to locate the source of said disturbance.






  • There are unconfirmed reports of Mayuri from Date A Live appearing as a main character from a certain chapter.

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