Paleto Ranger is the debut episode of the Untold Stories: San Andreas mini-series. It tells the story of Raymond Harris, a by-the-books park ranger with the San Andreas Park Rangers, who has just been assigned his own patrol grid. Based in Paleto Bay, a small coastal town in Blaine County, Raymond finds himself tasked with protecting the expansive Paleto Forest and other local wildlife areas in a sole charge capacity. Eager to prove himself Raymond, or Ray as he prefers to be called, devotes himself to his job.

The storyline follows Ray's transition into his sole charge role and his adjustment to life in a small rural town. It charts his brushes with low-level illegal activity as he struggles to resist the temptation to lead unlicensed hunting trips in order to supplement his wages. A staunchly law-abiding citizen Ray makes a stand and refuses to allow himself to become corrupt but the temptation continues to prod at him.

Characters Edit

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