These stories have separated sections, each under known or maybe not-so-well-known sites. I'll just state important things not the personal ones.


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It all started when I created an account (I don't want to mention it lol) and spammed Monster Hunter Wiki without knowing their rules. In result, I get a two week ban and a warning that I've been changing some text into ineligible language via Google Translate. I wasn't good with English that time and wasn't that bright, but I still found a way to get through the language barriers. I ended up in Cartoon Network Wiki where I met Notshane, one of the friendliest users I met on my first year in Wikia. The Cartoon Network Wiki, that time, just recovered from a massive spam it endured for the past few years. Notshane, Webkinz Mania, and the other old users there were able to report it to the Staff. 


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