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Olfeig is a Giant encountered in The Reach in 4E 204. He appears as a minor character in the Iron-Hand Sagas and is first encountered in a remote valley fighting a pair of bears. Olfeig is dressed in mammoth fur clothing but can sometimes be seen wearing short trousers made of mammoth fur.

Unlike most of his kind, Olfeig does not attempt to scare off the smaller races nor does he kill them when they get too close. Instead, he tries to communicate in the guttural language of his people or can be observed watching them with a quiet curiousity. However, he becomes territorial and aggressive if an intruder attempts to enter his cavern home.

Olfeig is first encountered by Tulvur Iron-Hand as he is making his way through The Reach on his way to Old Hroldan. Olfeig notices Tulvur in his territory and attempts to speak to him in Giantish with little success. In a gesture of respect Tulvur places a mammoth tusk fragment on the ground a safe distance from the looming Giant which Olfeig understands as a peace offering. Olfeig is then seen watching Tulvur as he leaves with the tusk clutched in one large hand. He later remembers Tulvur and comes to his aid when he is attacked by a large raider band.

As an adult male Giant, Olfeig stands at an impressive twelve feet in height with the muscular build of his people. He is seen to tower over even the famously tall Nords of Skyrim by a great deal and often uses his size to his advantage when defending his home against the roaming beasts of Skyrim. For whatever reason Olfeig does not herd mammoth like other Giants are seen doing instead preferring a solitary existence in his remote mountain home.

Trivia Edit

  • The image used to represent Olfeig remains the sole property of Bethesda Game Studios. It is used solely to personify a fan-fiction character.
  • It is later revealed that Olfeig received his name from local miners. The miners named him after noticing the Giant's habit of watching their mining activities.

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