Officer Michael Smith is a main character in Turner's Second Chance, and the tertiary antagonist in San Francisco Underground, though never being defeated.


Smith is the chief of the San Francisco Police Department, whose death of his wife in 2012 has left him bitter and cold. He heavily despises the criminals in San Francisco, and the juvenile delinquents that somewhat run the town as well. He takes his anger out on the criminals that he captures, getting enjoyment out of beating them for their actions. By 2013, he seeks to take out the Escobar Gang, led by Joseph Escobar, and has Alfonso Torres Cortez, an undercover teen police officer, pose as a member of the group and collect information on them, then send it to Smith.

Events of San Francisco Underground (2013)Edit

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2014 - 2015Edit

After the events of SFU, where Carlos and Joseph are left as the only members of the Escobar Gang following the suicide of Nick and the defeat of Alfonso, they decide that the life as a delinquent isn't for them, so they end up turning to Smith for help. He starts to like the boys a little more, and he helps them on their path to a new life, including putting them into a reformatory school for two years. The boys catch up on the education that they have missed and change from delinquents to more responsible young adults. By the events of TSC in spring 2016, they are currently freshmen in college, and they work with their uncle at the Escobar Cafe in downtown San Francisco.

Events of Turner's Second Chance (2016)Edit

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Chapter AppearancesEdit

Turner's Second Chance
Ending A
Ending B
San Francisco Underground



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